Greenland ice 40 percent above average – Video

But fear of “climate change” at all-time high. _______________

“Fear of “climate change” has reached an all-time high.This is music to the ears of the cryptocracy who have contrived and architected the largest fraud in human history – AGW – but now global temperatures are DECLINING, which means the Fabian socialists are unleashing their full attack.”

“It’s really getting hard to believe this global warming narrative.”

Blue line: Accumulated surface mass balance from September 1st to now.
Red line: Shows the 2011-12 season, which had very high summer melt in Greenland.
Dark grey line: The mean curve from the period 1981-2010.
Light grey band: Measurements were taken on the same calendar day from 1981-2010.

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14 thoughts on “Greenland ice 40 percent above average – Video”

  1. Here in Britain we need a severe winter for political reasons as a matter of urgency, with no more daffodils in January, because this hot summer that we have just had, together with reports of heatwaves and forest fires around the world, have played into the hands of the globalist elites.

    • Given that the Sun is in a Solar Minimum between cycles, is producing long lasting, giant Coronial holes generating SAW events, its more likely the UK will experience a cold, dry frosty Q4 giving drought like conditions, followed by a 6 to 9 week beast from the east cold blast from central Russia, via a stuck High over Scandinavia.

      Hence the UKs bad winter every 10 years or so, they co-happen with the Solar Minimum,

  2. ah but the bums rush is on to try and grab money and set laws before even the sheeple wake up to the scam;-)
    once they have the money and regs set they reckon we wont be able to remove them
    well theyre wrong;-) they wont get what they want as long as we keep resisting and speaking up making them look the ill informed idiots they tend to be;-)

  3. I’ve tried to explain to a global warmist that really it doesn’t matter the cause; the result is the same. The people are unprepared. At least I’m not afraid because I know what’s happening and I understand/ believe. Their belief is being shaken. After this winter, more questioning will occur. More people will listen.

  4. the more you read their articles, the more it becomes obvious that AGW and climate fear is the vehicle that the NWO is using to drive an unwanted transformation of global governance.

    We know who needs to go to jail, or better, be shot.

  5. …so after a long lecture on what an idiot I am for believing in the Global Earth theory, knowing I could not change his mind, regardless of the proof available; I asked this great Professor of the Flat Earth; that the Warming of the Plate we live on, must be caused by the flatulence of the Elephants that support the Earth on their backs, and ride on the Great Turtle. You should have seen the look on his face; you could have heard a pin drop! True story, I could not make this up!! see vancerants .com, plate tectonics

  6. Looks like the Northwest has traces of snow with this next storm already. Also, the forecast for Washington is drier than average and it appears there has been nothing but rain every day. What’s with that?

  7. Meanwhile, in Ulukhaktok, Northwest Territories Canada
    community members are lamenting the fact that sea ice prevented them from hosting 400 passengers from two cruise ships. The ship’s visits had to be cancelled due to difficult ice conditions in Bellot Strait and Queen Maud Gulf.

    Ice in Bellot Strait also sank the 11-metre-long sailing vessel, Anahita. Its crew of two were rescued unharmed.

  8. As some reckon Baffin Island to be the nursery of ice ages I wondered if anyone has a link to any up to date readings of the Barnes Ice Cap. Can’t seem to find any results on either the Canadian or Danish met sites but that could be just down to me. Get plenty of results from the AGW crowd shrieking about its shrinking last year but struggling to find anything up to date.

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