Greenland Ice Growth Shattering Records

Ice growth since September 1st about 50% above normal.

greenland-ice-growth-14nov2016“Greenland’s surface has been gaining about 3.5 billion tons of ice per day since the first of September,” says Tony Heller. “This is about 50% above normal.”

“This is occurring just as global land temperatures are cooling at a record rate.

“Meanwhile government funded experts fraudsters are telling the press that Greenland is melting at catastrophic speed.”

Heller obtained the above screenshot from the Danish Meteorological Institute (DMI) website

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4 thoughts on “Greenland Ice Growth Shattering Records”

  1. The long-term median for the total accumulated mass to date works out to the end of December, almost January. That is around six WEEKS ahead of what is “normal”. And while this is simply a model output, it does indicate that massive quantities of snow are falling on the Greenland ice sheet.

    While unlikely, should the highest elevation of the ice cap receive a much heavier-than-normal accumulation, perhaps all of the surface darkening will get buried under snow and raise the albedo—combined with a lower solar output, would put the ice cap on the path towards decreasing overall NH solar gain. Then what happens? One can only speculate . . .

    • The latter, after all his Carbon Credit pension fund is going to disappear like CO2 is absorbed into the oceans and plants once the AGW fraud is exposed as a modelling misdirection, and just plain tampering with the temperature evidence to keep the AGW slush fund topped up.
      Is perjury while in public office, such as the head of a national government office like the EPA, or NOAA, or both, a higher class of crime than fraud?

  2. I wonder where it got the name GREEN Land from. Any thoughts? I think Whiteland is a better name. When I think Green I think of the green green grass of home in a place like Ireland. Then the black gold of Guinness and maybe a wee dram of whisky LOL.
    BTW Ireland almost never gets snow.

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