Greenland ice mass balance increasing

Maybe even a record breaker. “The non-commencement of the thaw in Greenland at the end of May is without precedent in past years, at least since 1990.”

“Greenland to historic failure thaw Record: accumulations for the mass balance of Greenland …!” reads the headline on

Graph from the Danish Meteorological Service (,

31 May 2016 – In recent years, the glacial mass balance of Greenland is increasing despite announcements that global temperatures are on the rise; despite warnings that the Greenland Ice Sheet is melting; and despite announcements of a possible “blocked Gulf Stream “or catastrophic increase in sea level .”

The fact is, that snowfalls are higher than the amount of ice that melts, and the mass balance is strongly positive again this year.

Not only that, we are to the historical record for the end of the month of May: never before to have no thaw on this date!

I had not heard this from other sources. Does anyone know if is a reliable source?

Groenlandia al record storico di mancato disgelo: accumuli record per il bilancio di massa groenlandese…!

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  1. I would have thought a “blocked Gulf Stream” would be a disaster for Europe and Scandinavia and would certainly retard Greenland ice losses.

    Don’t know if is reliable but it can’t possibly be any worse than “Science of Doom” or “Skepticalscience” can it ?

    The graphs come from DMI so they are real.

  2. “Greenland ice mass balance increasing”

    I and many others have been saying this for years.

    The same with Antarctica’s ice mass.

    Robert has been saying this for years too. That’s why I visit his site often to keep up with what is really going on…

  3. The graphs are pulled from
    and today’s (3/6) shows near record daily accumulation. However, the surface mass budget is a model output only, not actual measurements. At the bottom of the webpage you can see how the melt season is progressing. It has gone up from 3% to 8% for today vs. yesterday (3/5) despite the snowfall and ice mass budget increasing (i.e. >0 Gt/day). That’s because melt is different from ice gain or loss.

    Robert, I have a very good email from Dr. Ruth Mottram at DMI explaining accumulation, loss and melt from a query I sent her back in April. If you’re interested in having me forward it to you, let me know. She has included GRACE satellite gravimetric graphs and other information from the DMI website.

  4. I went to Greenland last week and “all” the Ice had melted !

    I went with “Catherine Hay Hoe”, a renowned and true “expert” on [“MAN”-MADE-CLIMATE/GLOBAL-WARMING] !

    And let me tell you something, that Hoe knows what she’s talkin about !!!

    While we were there, the State of Florida suddenly vanished, “completely” flooded, and I was “amazed”, because once again, that Hoe was Spoton, She’s diggideeboo mate !

    So I cancelled my vacation to Florida, because Florida is flooded (Not Texas!) !


    Everyone in the United States of America “must” conserve their Ice, which can be found in their “Refrigerator” Freezer, BECA– USE GLOBAL CLIMATE CHANGE HAS TRULY BEGAN, we just entered late Spring, and for some “reason”, it always warms up in late Spring, before we enter Summer, which for some “reason” is always warmer than “Spring”, I just don’t get it ?????

    Damn that “Man-Made”[Climate/Global Warming] stuff, so let’s finally get ride of [Co2], who needs the stuff, then the “Earth” would be a much “Greener” place to live in, because “We” don’t need that stuff, and the “Eskimos” would thank us, because the “Polar” Bears would [Live long and Prosperous], like Mr, Spock !

    May the “Force” be with You…

    Sincerely yours,

    Val [Val is everything!]

    Brought to you by the Little Hay-Hoe of Texas

  5. I would think its likely correct
    as the last spring and possibly the prior one, also
    the farmers on the coastlines couldnt plant due to ice/snow refusing to melt as the warmists claim it was:-)
    over at steve goddards site, and thats moved so I cant add link..their greenland watch blogger was posting the onsite webcam updates and temps
    they werent warm by anyones reckoning.

    • But gains more in snow fall during the exending winter cold periods. During the last four solar cycles Greenlands ice budget has been in balance, or nearly so. Its now increasing.
      Any major Ice loss has been though volcanic rift warming and NOT sea or atmospheric warming other than the normal seasonal loss and gain.

        • I do notice that the majority of sites like these use false colour, particular red to show “abnormality”.
          Western humans are conditioned to accept red shading as “danger will smith”, when they showing abnormality of only a few degrees.
          Second point is that the Artic is a desert, a dry cold desert and wild fires are beneficial in savanna environments, they clear matted grasses, bush, create carbon for the soil and help some plants to germinate and allow new grass lands to grow and recover.
          I take you point over the massed ranks of well-funded green terrorists who are using the Internet to continue the AGW propaganda war. However, I have news for him, science fact, the climate its self and science facts about the moderation of the Sun own energy output are against him.
          Climate History is repeating itself this Solar Minimum may well look like the 600BP solar minimum deep, but not as long as Sporer or Maunder

  6. I think the pope needs to get up there with some holy water & beat that ice mass back, snow in tropical Africa and we are worried about Greenland?

  7. Oh, noes! But what happens when Greenland accumulates so much ice that it reaches it’s “tipping” point? Oh, the humanity!

    • There isn’t a tipping with the Greenland Ice Cap, its already in place it can only get deeper in thickness.
      What will happen, that the sea ice around Greenland and Iceland for that matter, will be approaching 12Kms in surface area all around the islands at the start of the summer melt.
      This happened in Wolf, Spoorer, and Maunder, and is documented fact that one of the Icelandic famine causes was that they couldn’t fish because of the ice packs around the coast. This will not affect sea levels as the ice is floating. However, inland Ice caps will significantly grow,
      The real tipping point will have been reached when the last remnant of the Laurentide Ice Sheet called the Barnes Ice Cap starts to significantly grow on Baffin and spreads to the Canadian main land.
      Humanity will benefit either way, the seas will drop in level by a 1Mtr over the next 30 years, and Desert areas will green again, as the meridional jet streams divert trillions of gallons of water into the arid regions of the earth.
      However, the biggest benefit will be the ending of the Gaia belief system in climate ology, this belief system has infected real science to the point where there is a real danger that any technological development or improvement will be hamstrung by the NIMBYs and naysayers.

  8. If this is correct, then the warmists don’t have a leg left to stand on. Let’s see…. Antarctica has about 89% of the land glaciers in the world, Greenland has about 10%, and both ice sheets are gaining mass. Hmmm…. Someone, please explain to me how that causes serious sea level rises and flooding of Florida, Manhattan, etc. As a “denier,” I just don’t get it: Where is all that water going to come from? The Tooth Fairy?

    Oh, I forgot. From the computer models. They will “prove” that the mass increase in the two ice sheets will turn into net melting some day soon…. Right around the corner, like the Obamanomics “prosperity.”

    • Coastal Flooding in Hurricane areas, and for that matter South Sea Islands 1 mtr above sea levels are flooded by Low pressure systems.
      Sea level can rise by as much as 15ft or more above normal during an intence low pressure system storms.
      The major inundations in England and the Nertherlands are examples of storm driven water bulges which over power local sea defences. Just remember 1 Cu Mr of water weighs 1 Ton.
      Powerfull stuff is water on the move.

  9. Commentator on Skye News this morning, said that one of the main resasons for the mass immigration of refugees to Europe is because of Climate Change. This was in a discussion about Brexit and how Britain is going to have to cope with more and more refugees and how much more dangerous it will be for UK citizens after a Brexit.
    I nearly fell over.
    These people make morons seems like super Einsteins. How can they be so utterly ignorant?

    • Let’s get this straight the vast majority of the so call migrants are economic migrants, people with money able to pay criminal gangs to put them on expensive and dangerous boats for a place paved with gold in the EU.
      They arrive without papers and enter the illegal economy and depress wages even further for hourly paid workers, further dis-enfranchise them from receiving the benefits of the legal economy. This is the real fact of globalisation and the reason why the rich few, are getting richer and the poor mob at the bottom remain poor and get larger in number. History repeats itself, the Roman Emperors where every fearful of an enraged Mob tired of his excesses and starving for food.
      A tiny fraction of that number, a few tens of thousands, has fled from war and ethnic cleansing practised by ISIS, and the current barrel bombing by the Syrian Regime to the EU. The vast majority of the displaced are in Turkey and Jordan, and every help should be given to those countries to mitigate their cost, and improve the living conditions of those displaced. I believe the UK is giving refuge to woman and children at most risk direct from the camps.
      The other 900,000 chancers and the many more on the way from Africa and Asia should be checked, registered, interned, prior to being repatriated to their countries of residence. The countries which refuse to take them should be proscribed for any International funding until they do.
      Hardnosed, tough help is far better in the long run than this pinko, bleeding heart approach by the Left and EU as a whole. Far more will come, and more will die in the process. Particularly while Russia needs a warm water port in the Mediterranean. They have remembered their history, whereas we haven’t, during the last Solar Minimum all of the major Western Russian sea ports froze for 6 month of the year.
      Free movement in the EU also means that the entire population of Eastern Europe can decant to the West at the drop of a hat. The EU is a busted flush, economically stagnant, politically in decline and the reason why vast numbers of working class people are moving west, while Globalisation Industry is moving East to take advantage of the cheap educated labour which remains.

  10. I know my friends in Finland are thankful for “our” gulf-stream – I have heard it even recently…
    But they still haven’t seen any “hot” summers, or even summer days….They have noticed warmer winters with less snow. I guess that will change soon with the “spotless” sun coming soon.

  11. Congratulations, RickS-you may be the first case of ergot poisoning to surface during this ice age!

  12. Some 10 thousand people isolated by snow. Worst snowfall in 30 years. According to the Secretary of Government of Las Heras, Raul Villafane, it has been 30 years ago since it snowed so much. The storm produced fallen branches and power outages, but so far only one minor injury reported. June 4, 2016
    Government Secretary of the Department of Las Heras, Raul Villafane talked in the program “Brainstorming” (MDZ Radio) about the situation that exists in the mountains, the product of a snowstorm that left accumulated precipitation of up to 4 meters and a half . According to the municipal official, the area of ​​influence of operational contingency is from Uspallata to the tunnel mouth, where they are affected more than 10 thousand people. Uspallata, Polvaredas, Punta de Vacas, Mundo Perdido (Lost World), Penitentes, Puente del Inca and Las Cuevas, are all towns that were under the snow.
    Villafane said the nívea accumulation ranges from 35 cm to 4 meters and a half in Las Cuevas, but fortunately the storm stopped at around two o’clock and today work under “a stunning turquoise sky”.!.jpg?s=dd75275a6cbb07c0e34fb5e1ae9fca63&d=1465061986

    Reader’s comment: Mundo Perdido, lost world, how well chosen the name of a village that disappeared under four meters of snow. Of course the MSM doesn’t bring this news.
    No popemobile driving around over there in his own native country Argentina.

  13. I hear that Leonardo Deepcrapio, Al Gore, and Air Force One are going to fly non stop above Greenland in the hopes that emissions will warm the atmosphere and stop this ice mass gain, because the ice mass gain is clearly a result of human industry and prosperity which is evil. Humanity must not be allowed to prosper!

  14. Wouldn’t it be a hoot if there was almost no melting at all this year and on into the foreseeable future?
    This global warming gives me contact dermatitis in June/ July and I need things to cool down. Bring on the little ice age!
    I need it for health reasons.

  15. About the site Information ( It’s in Italian.
    I live in southern Brazil, I found a link for an Italian who lives in Brazil: /
    We always need to ask such links and their accuracy by comparing them with other sites.
    “First half of June will be cold in the South Central Brazil”:
    I predict a harsh winter (trend) here (25 ° latitude-Curitiba-PR State): Some places with 15 consecutive days of frost
    (SC-State), maybe snow next weekend.
    If it snows here 1 or 2 days will be a big chaos. Most of the people do not have heating here.

  16. Damned right it is!
    Last October the Danish meteorological institute mentioned the fact that October ice growth was off the charts in Greenland. Looked very similar to this chart up-to-date.

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