Greenland Ice Sheet far above the mean

27 Aug 2018 – This chart from the Danish Meteorological Institute (DMI) speaks for itself.

The blue line shows Greenland ice-mass balance as of today. It is far, far greater than the mean – the average, if you will – from 1981 to 2010 (dark grey line).

I doubt that you’ll see this reported by the mainstream media.

Blue line: Accumulated surface mass balance from September 1st to now.
Red line: Shows the 2011-12 season, which had very high summer melt in Greenland.
Dark grey line: The mean curve from the period 1981-2010.
Light grey band: Measurements were taken on the same calendar day from 1981-2010. 

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7 thoughts on “Greenland Ice Sheet far above the mean”

  1. A pretty good article from Martin Armstrong:

    Posted Aug 27, 2018 by Martin Armstrong

    While the Global Warming fanatics are out in force saying “see” the heat in Europe is caused by humans driving their cars around, they continue to ignore history. The extreme heat in Europe this year is part of a cycle. The swings from extreme heat to extreme cold are also not unheard of. Another piece of historical evidence they ignore is known as the Hunger Stones. Pictured here is a Hunger Stone from 1616 which has been exposed by the low level of water in the Elbe River. This is at Decin, in the Czech Republic. Throughout the centuries, there have been these cycles of extreme heat followed by extreme cold. Such events have been recorded when drought has resulted in the low level of water in the Elbe river.

  2. You are right, no one in nthe mainstream meda speak about this. Just a thought: sould the Al Gore Nobel Prize be revoked?

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  4. Given a figure of 500Gt is used to estimate mass loss due to calving we are likely to have a second successive year where the Greenland Ice Sheet has shown a mass gain. So much for the ice sheet disappearing!

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