Greenland Ice Sheet growing like crazy

Look at this graph ! Especially the lower one.

According to the Danish Meteorological Institute (DMI), the Current Surface Mass Budget of the Greenland Ice Sheet is way, way higher than the mean.

The difference is especially evident in the bottom graph, where you can see the blue line shooting upward.


See map of Greenland showing where the ice is accumulating:

Thanks to Gary Meyers for this link

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  1. And yet the text completely ignores the trend of this year and instead concentrates on a long-term trend in order to keep the AGW narrative.

  2. Just wanted to say that last night, CBS news reported that the poles are melting and that Michu Cacu guy says the sea is rising and the ocean will be in peoples living rooms. Oh yes, and that a piece of antarctic ice the size of India has melted. WTF, what facts are they looking at? Agenda, yes and it makes me crazy!

  3. Someone will have to tell the BBC. This morning, once again, they were weeping about polar bears suffering because of the lack of ice…!

  4. Yikes!
    Button up everyone–looks like we’re headed into a cold and snowy winter.
    We may have many cold, snowy winters during the next few decades, based upon current scientific analysis of the solar cycle and its impact on Earth’s climate.

  5. This is what happens when Meridional Jet streams guide significant wet air streams, and ex tropical cyclones between Greenland and Iceland, as well as dumping vast quantities of warmer water vapour into the Arctic Ocean region to the North of Norway.
    As the storms move up the coast of Greenland they provide a series of South Easterly gales of cloud and water vapour directly on to the Greenland ice sheets some 5K ft. above sea level. At this stage in the Northern Hemisphere winter this falls as Snow, and in large quantities.
    Everybody has been crowing over “how much warmer the Arctic is this year”, yes it has, and is the reason in the massive increase in snow being deposited on Greenland.
    The current Av temperature above 80 Lat. Is 253K, some 20K below OC, and oscillating within similar temperature bounds for the January to February period of 2016.
    Any bets on a major Ice sheet or glacial advance on many of the Greenland glaciers over the next 30 years?

  6. Sea ice said to be low. Is it that the glaciers have slowed their flow causing ocean temperature to rise and will this affect the “conveyor current” from the tropics? Will this force extreme cold in the upper continents?

  7. Growing over land, melting shelves out over the sea. Fire and Ice affect simultaneously, never a good combo.

  8. Umm wow…I think though this is actually a function of warmth in Greenland. Mid Latitude moisture had crept into the Arctic because of the meridional jets of the grand solar minimum. What I think is the introduction to water vapor has prevented cooling that otherwise would happen in the entire Arctic. It’s the combination of the stored heat energy from the last El Niño (atmospheric temperatures trail the ocean temperatures by 6-12 months because it takes forever for oceans to lose their heat) and you now have cosmic rays introducing more clouds and the meridional jets of the minimum. Look at history the 1780s were baking and by the end of the century you had the Dalton Minimum. It’s always hot before cold.

  9. It could be that Greenland ice is the first responder to declining Gulf Stream flow. Interesting times ahead.

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