Greenland Ice Sheet Growing at Record Rate

Already above average for the whole year … and it’s still March.

“Look at those record numbers,” says reader. “It’s already above average for the whole year and it’s still March. Imagine what it’s going to be like at this rate in June? Or will there even be a melt season?”

“What makes this even more concerning in my eyes because we are probably witnessing the massive glaciation of Greenland and parts of Northern Canada again.”

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  1. Very interesting.
    Especially considering that arctic sea ice extent is below normal this year.
    Wonder if this has anything to do with the jet stream?

    • Exactly right!
      Notice the spikes in the temperature plot since the turn of the year. Each one is a Meridional Jet stream spike push 8C at sea level wet air over Greenland and Iceland dumping large quantities of snow on the Ice Caps on both Islands.
      That air stream, or as the US likes to call them rivers of water in the air, move around the static High Pressure System parked over Scandinavia for most of this winter and on in to Russia and the Middle East.
      The NOOA AGW mob have described this weather activities as a series of Arctic “Heat Waves” leading to reduced sea ice cover, a Heat Wave with a top line temperature of – Twenty Degree C.
      Not only should Trump defund the entire NOOA Organisation as not fit for purpose, but subject the entire staff to lie detector tests before allowing them to issue misleading Warmist public announcements.

  2. The “melt season” is an irrelevant piece of propaganda spread by liars –

    As the text says in the centre of Greenland’s ice sheet “much of the melt water will refreeze in the surface snow layers rather than running off the ice sheet…”

    This admission also lends support to Zbigniew Jaworowski’s claim that ice cores do not contain relevant measurements of atmospheric gases and he is an expert on this. If the accumulation of snow over years compressed into ice melts, flows over the surfaces and is heated by the Sun and then refreezes no one can be sure what the ice cores mean.

    Then the site says:-

    “As mentioned, satellites measuring the ice sheet mass have observed a loss of around 200 Gt/year over the last decade.”

    They explain the melt has little to do with this rather the loss is sue to glacier calving – a favourite of the alarmists. I’m sure they are equally pessimistic that rivers flow to the sea also citing this phenomenon as evidence of catastrophic man made climate change – idiots !

    However the site does make the point that Greenland is NOT accumulating ice mass and their own data show the changes remain within the bounds of the averages they have for their data set which after all only a FEW DECADES !

    “Due to gravity, ice flows slowly outwards like dough on a kitchen counter. When snow falls on top of the ice sheet year after year, the layers below are slowly compressed into ice. In the central part of the ice sheet, where little if any melt occurs, new layers will therefore continually be added. The ice does not grow in height, however, since the extra ice is balanced by the flow away from the center. Further out towards the coast we find the equilibrium line, where snowfall and melt are exactly balanced. Below the equilibrium line, there is more melt than snowfall and here the net mass loss is countered by the flow coming out from the center of the ice sheet. Here it is the ice sheet itself which melts.”

    Note they say “the net mass loss is countered by the flow coming out from the center of the ice sheet”.

    Extra calving is NOT due to warming but an inevitable consequence of higher snowfall rates. Warming should decrease calving by allowing the “melt” to reduce the pressure due to gravity.

    However calving of a glacier is an inevitable consequence, just as a river discharging to the sea, and increases in rate to counter the pressure built up by accretion in the centre – nothing abnormal here really – either way.

  3. The increased snowfall on the Greenland icecap would be directly caused by the reduced area of sea ice since open water evaporates, falling as snow onto the high altitude icecap. This is the theory of the Atlantic Thermostat, that a warmer Atlantic leads to a relatively ice free Arctic followed by glaciation on land in Northern North America, Europe and Asia.

    • While I agree this is possible within the Arctic Ocean on the Northern edge of Scandinavia and for that matter the North West Coast of Russia. It doesn’t apply to Greenland or Iceland during the first 3 months of winter.
      The majority of the gain in snow depth was from ex tropical cyclones pushed up over Greenland by the stuck Meridional Jet Stream which pushed up the East Coast of the US and Canada.
      The prevailing wind direction for the Baffin Island/Greenland Archipelago is westerly/North Westerly which is predominantly over land/tundra/ice.
      Even the UK Met Office is now suggesting that most of the Arctic warming per say is due to changes in Atmospheric Circulation Patterns, which in layman’s terms is meridional jet streams moving north from the Atlantic into the Arctic Ocean.
      They dare not say that the reason for increased meridional nature of the Jet Streams, matches the reduction in the amount of EUV from the Sun as this solar cycle ends, as well as this cycle and the next forming part of this Modern Grand Solar Minimum. The NH winter weather during the next cycle will be far worse than now , and perhaps the western half of the Green socialist EU may get the pasting it missed this year, during the following winters.

  4. like so many of the claims made, what they see is just whats been happening for centuries
    and the only “newness” is the fact more people go there and film perfectly normal events
    but dont have the nous to think that
    rather theyd prefer to go into panic mode over it.
    goracle n msm encourage panic cos it sells papers and other crap.

    pity the poor devils who do live on the fringe zones trying to grow anything

  5. From the same website about the Climate of Greenland:

    Over the past 130 years, temperatures in Greenland have shown a slight upward trend. Seen in a shorter time perspective, and apart from the warm decades of the 1930’s and 1940’s, temperatures have been decreasing. This trend is primarily observed on the west coast that not until recent years started showing an increasing trend.

    On the east coast, a rising trend has been seen since the mid 1970’s. Current temperature level is now among the highest in the series. 2001-2010 was the warmest decade among all series. In 2010, record high annual temperatures were observed several places across Greenland.

    In combined temperature series from southwest Greenland from the period 1784-2005, the 1930’s and 1940’s were the warmest decades and the 1810’s the coldest – not least due to unidentified large volcanic eruptions in 1809 and the Tambora eruption in 1815.

    So the 1930s and 1940s were warmer than more recent decades when global warming is supposed to be taking place.

    • I’m not surprised, the period from 1979 to 2008 was marked by a series of three high output solar cycles, and that extra energy has to go somewhere.
      Since the start of this cycle SC24 the energy output is significantly lower, particularly at the UV end of the spectrum.
      The above chart shows the reason for the warmer period prior to SC20 and from 1934, with another three, significant solar output cycles, with SC19 being the highest output cycle of the recently ended Solar Warm period.
      No wonder the world has experienced warming, but this modern warm temperature is still 6.5 C cooler that the warmest period of this interglacial, some 4000 year BP.
      No gas guzzlers, Concrete, or Carbon Powered Electricity plants around then.
      Lots of carnivores, disease, and periodic famines either eating, or killing humans though, and this is the kind of world the Greens want for the rest of humanity.

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