Greenland ice sheet has melted multiple times in the past – with no help from humans

New study shows clearly that global warming has happened naturally before – with no help from humans. That should be good news. However, that good news has been twisted 180 degrees to warn us about “humanity’s out-of-control warming of the planet.” In fact, the study found “multiple” times when the earth has been warmer than today, again, with no help from humans.


Ancient Plants Buried a Mile Under Greenland’s Ice Are a Grim Warning From The Past,” reads the headline on

The evidence comes from an ice core sample excavated in 1966 – more than 50 years ago – in the secret Cold War military base Camp Century in northwestern Greenland. The plan was to dig a system of tunnels to hide hundreds of nuclear weapons. (The plan failed because the ice was too unstable.)

Included in the core were several meters of silty ice and frozen sediment from the bottom of the 1.4-kilometer (0.87-mile) ice core. This sediment was packed in cookie jars – yes, cookie jars! – and moved from freezer to freezer, finally ending up in Denmark where it languished in cold storage, almost forgotten.

It was only rediscovered in 2018 when scientists at the University of Copenhagen were preparing to move the samples to a new freezer. When they realized what was in the jars, they mobilized a team to study the ancient dirt.

“What we discovered was delicate plant structures – perfectly preserved. They’re fossils, but they look like they died yesterday. It’s a time capsule of what used to live on Greenland that we wouldn’t be able to find anywhere else,” said geologist Andrew Christ of the University of Vermont, one of the team of international scientists.

Twigs and leaves preserved in soil beneath the Greenland Ice Sheet. Andrew Christ and Dorothy Peteet, CC BY-ND

The twigs and leaves in the samples suggest that, at least once within the last million years, and multiple times in the few million years prior, Greenland’s ice sheet melted long enough during periods of warmth that significant vegetation – perhaps even a forest – was able to take root and thrive.

They were warm periods like those we are currently experiencing due to climate change, said Christ.

“Our study shows that Greenland is much more sensitive to natural climate warming than we used to think – and we already know that humanity’s out-of-control warming of the planet (emphasis added) hugely exceeds the natural rate,” Christ said.

Similar articles in other publications display the same convoluted logic.

Scientists stunned by fossils found deep beneath Greenland’s ice sheet,” reads the headline on “The implications of the discovery could be huge for studies on climate change, given that analysis of Greenland’s ice sheet could help scientists predict how it will behave as temperatures rise and the ice melts as a result of human activity.” (emphasis added)

Scientists’ climate warning after ‘grave’ rediscovery from secret Cold War military base,” reads the headline on A ‘grave’ rediscovery?

Same with “Ancient leaves preserved under a mile of Greenland’s ice – and lost in a freezer for years – hold lessons about climate change,” reads the headline on

“How old were these plants?” asks yahoo.

“Over the last million years, Earth’s climate was punctuated by relatively short warm periods, typically lasting about 10,000 years, called interglacials, when there was less ice at the poles and sea level was higher. The Greenland ice sheet survived through all of human history during the Holocene, the present interglacial period of the last 12,000 years, and most of the interglacials in the last million years.”

Greenland ice cover today as compared to multiple previous times

“(This) research shows that at least one of these interglacial periods was warm enough for a long enough period of time to melt large portions of the Greenland ice sheet, allowing a tundra ecosystem to emerge in northwestern Greenland.

“This means the region melted entirely, and stayed melted long enough for cosmic rays to form those isotopes, and for vegetation to grow and take them up, with moss and maybe even trees thriving.”

“Radiocarbon dating and luminescence dating – estimating the time since the sediment was last exposed to light – placed that melting to within the last million years.”

Previous work on another ice core, GISP2, extracted from central Greenland in the 1990s, showed that the ice had also been absent there within the last million years, perhaps about 400,000 years ago. (I mention the GISP ice cores in “Not by Fire but by Ice.”)

So let me end with this:

This new study clearly shows that global warming has happened – naturally –  many times before with absolutely no help from humans.

I find it incredible that these so-called ‘scientists’ can twist such good news into a catastrophic warning about “humanity’s out-of-control warming of the planet.”
The article (though wrong-headed) is – by far – the most comprehensive article of the lot.)


The actual scientific study, entitled “A multimillion-year-old record of Greenland vegetation and glacial history preserved in sediment beneath 1.4 km of ice at Camp Century,” was published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences on Monday, March 16, 2021.

Thanks to Laurel, Gordon Broussard, Lyn Jenkins and Michael Battle for these links

“So, repeated plant cycles are now proven – but this time ONLY we are at fault?” says Laurel. “Aaargh.”

“Here they are clearly saying global warming has happened naturally before and is nothing to do with humans,” says Michael.

“It only PROVES that Greenland was MUCH WARMERÂ hundreds of thousands of years ago, allowing trees to grow there,” says Lyn. “……and the WARMING WAS NOT CAUSED BY MAN !!”

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  1. Thanks for link to the study. Need to follow up with studies showing how to safely deprogram cult members.

      • Both Iceland and Greenland are islands far north west of the areas where Norse people usually lived. I believe they kept confusing the 2 in the same way we use the term ‘Indian’ when it means people who live as far away from India as you can get. Native American is a better description.
        It must have been jolly hard to get good at geography before the days of Google Maps LOL.

      • Real Estate puffery by Eric the Red when he discovered it. Who would want to settle in Glacierland? Also where the Norse settled has green grass for pasture in summer.

  2. I love quotes like this – “Scientists stunned by fossils found deep beneath Greenland’s ice sheet,”

    Shows how ridiculous these people are !

    Nothing stuns a real scientist because a real scientist is intelligent enough to know the sum of human knowledge is but a mere fragment of what remains to be discovered and there is no basis for claiming there is “settled science”.

    • When I first – sixty years ago – studied the geology of the last few million years, it was stated to me, and proved by numerous observational facts, that the ice in the Southern hemisphere was a permanent feature, because of land at the South Pole, and the ice in the Northern hemisphere came and went, because of lack of land at the North Pole.

      So the only thing that stuns me is that anybody should be stunned by this routine idea. The truth is, I suppose, that some people are always pretending to be stunned. Just like a builder, licking his lips as he shrewdly sums up his naive mark, and pretending to be stunned by the work of ‘The cowboy you used last time!’

      It WOULD be interesting if these samples showed long the melting took. One hundred years? Ten thousand years? But not a clue!

  3. The “ancient forests” founf under the Mendenhall Glacier in Alaska coincide with the time frame of the holocene “climate optimum period” some 4000 years ago.

    I continually wonder how climate alarmists can simply ignore all of these inconvenient truths.

    Stupid or corrupt ?

  4. The lying democratic and leftist totalitarians will not be deterred by scientific facts Robert.

      • Facts are animpediment to funding n media attention
        therefore to be ignored hidden or, as in this case warped beyond credulity
        and yet
        there are the credulous true believers who read /see and STILL continue on as before
        pretty sad really

  5. I’m sure you’ve heard: “one man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter.” Therefore in today’s culture, “One man’s facts are another man’s fake news.” Y’all can extrapolate that.

  6. In spite of the evidence that global warming happened naturally in the past, the geologist (Christ) still preaches “man made global warming”. He should be stripped of his geological qualifications!

      • “It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends on his not understanding it.”

        ― Upton Sinclair

        Or, in this case if his salary depends upon regurgitating the Climate Change Hoax. Of course the climate is changing. It’s always changing. The only constant in the Universe is that it’s constantly in flux.

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