Greenland – Record cold & snow blamed on ‘climate change’

Record late snowpack—lingering into July – ‘A big shock’  ‘This year broke all records’

By:  – Climate Depot
July 13, 2018

Greenland and Arctic record cold and snow are once again being blamed on “climate change,” according to an article in Scientific American. The July 13 article declares a “Lost Summer for Greenland” as “a record late snowpack—lingering into July” harms the shorebirds breeding season.

Jeroen Reneerkens, an avian ecologist at the University of Groningen who has studied Greenland’s shorebirds since 2003, expressed bewilderment at the winter conditions in summer. “The tundra was 100 percent covered in snow, and it was a very deep layer,” he says, estimating an average depth of about one meter. “It was a big shock to see the place like that,” he added.

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21 thoughts on “Greenland – Record cold & snow blamed on ‘climate change’”

  1. It is correct to say record snowpack and cold is because the climate is changing. It’s getting colder!

  2. Well now isn’t that amazing, they had already covered their fecal matter hole’s with more, less or no of every item they could come up with. Some prime examples are, more snow less snow no snow, more rain less rain no rain, more food less food no food and on it goes, last count was over 900 items. CYA

  3. Brrr. Global cooling continues its brutality and all because the sun is the sole driver of climates of the earth.

  4. I was posting evidence against Man Made Climate Change on Scientific American’s website and the webmaster banned me. I asked why, which posts I made were wrong or offending. He said he did not have to give a reason.

    • Same reason I got kicked off SA. LOL, they can’t take the truth. You’re either part of the “consensus”, or you’re banned.

      • That just lame that you can’t question or disagree unless you want to be banned to me is not a healthy way of debate.just a one sided view that thinks if anyone disagrees is a threat to there agenda pretty sorry.

    • chuckling, Jimmy;-)
      sci-am is well known for being warmist only contributors.
      many people now call it UNscience Am
      and cancelled memberships in the hundreds if not more. long term memberships over 30 yrs from what I’ve read

  5. And what what was the trundra like during the Dalton GSM between SC5 and SC6. Much the same as now during this Modern GSM of SC24 AND SC25.
    Climate history didnt start with the space age and digital storage during the Sixties or Seventies.
    What did start appear is the helpfull modification of climate data held digitaliy and the destruction of the original hard copies to avoid inconvenient questions much later regarding fraud in public office, when the data no longer matches reality.

  6. if actually caring was what the agw mob did…
    then they’d be yelling out about how their “melting”greenland was “saved” by the cold this season at least.
    I would say the biggest surprise was that of the birds, expecting to land n feed to breed.
    the so called enviro gaurdians should have been well aware of lower than recent temps and lack of melt
    and they could have arranged some food resources if theyd honestly given a tinkers cuss about wildlife.

    id also suggest that prior times local may well have stepped in to feed birds , and that now thats forbidden cos it has to be specially approved diet/highest possible cost/most fanfare to show how much they care when supply/media pr piccys.

    cynical and skeptical lil old me;-)

  7. Well… of course it’s “climate change” – a change to much colder Ice Age conditions… due to Mother Nature (the b&*%^)!

  8. But the climate is changing! The warm era has now peaked and its now downhill (skiing) all the way to the next ice age.

  9. Apparently Jeroen has figured out that he needs to get out more often and spend less time believing the media. Along with that there is a huge pool of really cold water off the coast of Greenland. If you check the DMI Arctic temperature graph you will find that overall the Arctic atmosphere is barely above freezing. If it trends down again it will be below freezing 6 weeks early this year.

  10. Dumb smart people. Same with medicine with Doctors who need high marks to get into University, but cannot understand the crap that they push on us from big pharma.

    Cannabis, Vitc C , D3 and K2 MK7 is trans form, plus so many other basics would wipe out 3/4 of big pharma. Magnesium glycinate and chelated boron too.

    I recently talked to a person who take b3 Niacin in the flush form twice day and has led to an improvement in his eyes.

    I think more evry day we are at the end of the holocence and are the egneration who will see the earth the warmest it has been f, and will be for a very long time startiung from the next few years.

    Time to prepare oursleves , ultra wealth is palnning our demise. Thye own the governments and wont help us.

  11. Oh I hate the Scientific American garbage magazine! They’re an example of “liberal trash stupidity” over the years and I never go there for anything. I once thought they were good back in the 80’s but later found out otherwise.

    The record cold and snow in Greenland is due to the upcoming ice age and climatic cooling.

  12. Very refreshing article. Calamitous events are usually the fault of Trump, racism or white privilege.

  13. I know how they like to explain this. Still, it’s sort of just laziness they try to continue to support that idea.

  14. Climate change is real what is not real is the idea that humans can influence or change the climate changes in any major way.

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