Greenland temperatures going down, down, down

In case you’re worried about “unprecedented” global warming, this might put your mind at ease.

Greenland Temps Trending Down

Greenland Ice Sheet Project 2 (GISP2) ice cores show that temperatures in central Greenland have been trending downward for 8,000 years.

Anyone who tries to tell you otherwise is either lying or misinformed.

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  1. Plus this April 2018, NOT A SINGLE tornado was reported in the state of Oklahoma – a new record for inactivity. This was because of an unusually cold and snowy spring across the nation East of the Rockies thru April. It completely suppressed the typical spring tornado season from March thru May across the Plain States.

    You wouldn’t hear these morons on TV or MSM tell you about that though!!!!

  2. This graph looks to be roughly in concert with the graph of temperature anomaly posted in a previous argument. Ice core analyses from Greenland and Antarctica both serve as proxies for global temperatures, so I would expect this. In fact, the global temperature anomaly graphs are usually produced from this sort of analysis.

  3. Been thinking a bit about petrol/gas.

    Its obvious the elite wants to phase it out. For example, petrol prices is 2$ a liter in sweden. My guess is that it will increase sharply in the near future to 4-5$ liter.

    Volvo is only making electric cars next year.

    Self driving cars will probably be the only ones being sold in 5-10 years.

  4. even better is gisp n noaa had to publish
    funny they dont seem to let the media in on the cold temps isnt it?
    or not!!

  5. It is okay to say there is an 8 thousand year trend, but that graph also definitely shows a strong run against that trend, looks like about over the last 400 years. And no, someone is neither nuts, lying, nor uninformed if they say the temperature is rising. That graph says so. It can be cooling for a million years, but if the last 50 are a warming trend, they are a warming trend, and can’t be thrown out because, overall, we have a long cooling trend prior to it. This is playing the same game the warmists are playing by intentionally misrepresenting the data. There is no way of knowing if that warming trend is an aberration or the beginning of an 8000 year trend.

    • Exactly. You are correct.

      And when this NORMAL warming trend you notice, plays out, according to the chart, it will NOT reach the higher temperatures of , at least, the last 4 warming trend.

      So, if we look at the same chart, which does have a real and distinct WARMING trend since the Steam Engine and Coal burning, the same chart says it will still be COLDER than the Middle Ages, Roman Times, Minoan Times and all other previous WARMING trends (caused by cave men building fires and Aborigines of Australia lighting thousands of acres of grasses on fire to drive the animals into capture pens).

      Now, looking at the same chart, which shows real distinct 400 years of Global Warming, we see that 8,000 ago the highest warming which can only be caused by Humans herding sheep, goats and cattle into pens and increasing their numbers, thus increases bovine methane, resulting in that highest Warming ever.

      One has to ask what caused the massive warming trend of 10,500 years ago? Simple. Man reached America and we all know America, per human, produces the most Warming of any area on the planet. So, you are correct.

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