Greenland Temps Trending Down

GISP2 cores show Greenland temperatures trending downward.

Greenland Temps Trending Down

I wonder where the people who’ve been screaming about “unprecedented” global warming have been getting their information from.

You don’t suppose that they might have an agenda that has nothing to do with global warming, do you? Maybe that they simply want to control you?

Nah. We can trust our government. Right?


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    • Good grief. The man made global warming disaster people have provided generous proof again and again supporting the quote about how “average is stupid”.

    • the only handy thing about articles by people like this( super thick and biased)
      is that we now know their names, where they work and that in the future their statements are NONcredible.
      we need do nothing but REMEMBER just who, all of em, not just this crowd…and make damn sure they dont get positions of power,
      after the SHTF and it all falls over.
      they will lie and bend fact to suit a politicos agenda and for money.

  1. This one curve says it all.

    Today’s temperature is 0.4C warmer than the Industrial Revolution. However, during the Medevil Warming Period it was four times warmer; during the Roman Warming Period it was 6 times warmer; during the Minoan Warming Period it was over 8 times warmer than the modern warming.

    Want something with a greater time span? Compare the 6E8 year data of Berner’s GEOCARB and Scotese’s PALEOTEMP. There is no correlation with CO2 or Temps, whatsoever.

  2. Notice that the most recent “peak” temp was about 1,000 years ago, at the time of Lief Erikson and the Norse settlements. But even that “warm” spell was cooler than the earlier peaks!

  3. ….I want to know where you folks have been?….Dr Alley wrote this book almost 12 yrs ago and the cores were done in late 1980’s. Even though his narrative speaks of ‘manmade global warming’…..typical for the time….his graphs have always spoken….”it’s getting colder and it had nothing to do with CO2″ and Richard has always worried that his evidence pointed toward cyclical cooling….and ‘a little ice age event’….ask Joe D’Aleo

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