Greenpeace co-founder – Carbon dioxide is a hero, not a villain – Video

Please share this must-watch video with your “warmist” friends. Seriously. Try to talk them into watching this. It could change their perceptions forever.

I have many friends (and probably relatives) who sincerely want to help the planet. They are not bad people. Nor are they part of some devious conspiracy aiming to de-populate the planet. They simply do not realize that they are being conned about the dangers of carbon dioxide (CO2).

This video by Greenpeace co-founder Patrick Moore, PhD., might begin to persuade them.

At about 6:10 into the video, Moore displays a geological timescale of the last 540 million years. CO2 levels are shown in purple, while the blue line tracks global temperature.


Moore shows unequivocally that CO2 and temperature have NOT moved in unison. In fact, during the Jurassic, the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere plummeted while temperatures rose. The same thing disparity occurred in the Eocene.

“It is (therefore) not possible to demonstrate a cause and effect relationship between CO2 and temperature over the long-term history,” Dr. Moore concludes.

“Carbon is not the enemy. It is actually the reason that we are alive.”

I posted a graph very similar to Dr Moore’s timescale here:

Thanks to Craig Adkins and Vance for this video

Dr. Moore spent 15 years on the front lines of the environmental movement, in the top committee of Greenpeace, which soon became the world’s largest activist environmental organization.

15 thoughts on “Greenpeace co-founder – Carbon dioxide is a hero, not a villain – Video”

  1. “They are not bad people” Correct !

    “Nor are they part of some devious conspiracy aiming to de-populate the planet” Correct !

    “They simply do not realize that they are being conned about the dangers of carbon dioxide (CO2)” ???


    Since grade school we were taught the importance of CO2 and that without it there would be no life on Earth, and in fact that without it (CO2) life could never have formed in the first place !

    “Carbon is not the enemy. It is actually the reason that we are alive” ??

    Ya Think ?????? !

    If today “all” of the CO2 were “removed”, all life on Planet Earth would be “dead” within “6” months starting first with the largest mammals (Including Human Beings!)

    Point being, there are “far” to many dumb, stupid, uneducated people in all of the First Class Modern Educated (?) Countries, including the Good Ole USA !!!


  2. One of the principal claims about “greenhouse gases” is that by absorbing infra-red radiation emitted by Earth’s surfaces they “trap heat”.

    Even a cursory investigation of satellite data and graphs including NASA’s Nimbus program show this “heat trapping” is not true !

    All satellite data shows Earth is emitting more Infra-red radiation to space NOT less as must be true if “heat trapping” is happening.

    Satellites measure IR escaping to space and convert this to a “temperature” and if they show higher temperatures it MUST mean more Infra-red radiation is escaping to space – NOT less !

    Another claim is that 99% of the atmosphere is not a “greenhouse gas” and therefore neither absorbs or emits Infra-red radiation. I always hear “greenhouse effect” advocates claim that a transparent atmosphere – by this they mean 99% of the atmosphere which neither absorbs nor emits Infra-red radiation – cannot lose energy to space.

    Think about this piece of nonsense for a minute !

    Almost everything we breathe is Nitrogen at about 78 % and Oxygen at about 21 %.

    When the temperature is 30 degrees C or even freezing what is the average temperature of these molecules that are 99% of our atmosphere ?

    The “greenhouse effect” advocates are implicitly saying they have no temperature because they don’t absorb Infra-red radiation ! That is the most absurd thing I have ever heard in my life !

    Even if they acknowledge 99% of the atmosphere does become heated during the day they say it can’t ever cool – 99% of the atmosphere is actually transparent to most thermal radiation after all – that is their prime claim.

    And yet you know that this so called transparent atmosphere does change in temperature every day and it is impossible for trace gases to either significantly heat or be solely responsible for the atmosphere’s temperature.

    The whole thing is simply unbelievable !

    99% of the atmosphere does absorb thermal energy continually and it must also lose energy to space otherwise it would only take a few days for the Earth to heat up to the maximum the sun can induce – which could be as high as the temperature on the daylight side of the Moon – far higher than what has ever been recorded on Earth.

    Our atmosphere and oceans cool the Earth from the continuous solar radiation. If this were not true why do we continually choose to live as near to large water bodies as we can ?

    Climate “science” is the worst junk science ever postulated !

    The only thing “settled” about it is that it is gobbledygook !

  3. Good, now I have a something you had all take very seriously. I have spent all my life outdoors farming,hunting,fishing,boating,snowmobiling,& farming chemical free veggies for farm markets, which I can no longer do. I have always tried to think around the box. I have told you before rooftops are turning black, along with a lot of other things in the rain. I recently watched a video about pole shift, It was mostly fear with no info. About 20 min in they talked about pole shift and climate, the host of the show seemed to be talking to an agw believer and he stated that the Greenland ice sheet was turning black. This got me thinking again, because he also stated that the sun would now start CAGW of Greenland Ice Cap. You all got an idea of where the AGWERS get their tid bits. BUT WAIT, my opinion winters coming and we all know what happens at 6-10 thousand ft. up there. If there is black what do you suppose will happen when it snows? that’s right, it will be buried, now ask yourself who’s fearing losing the agw battle because of the likely solar min. we are just starting to enter, and who teaches children that clouds come from jets and who would need a permanent CARBON FOOTPRINT ON EARTHS ICE CAPS? Watch your back sides, there is a whole raft of CAGW proof being done right right now with the deadly solar radiation management program. I will post no more links on this because I think you can google it yourself and there is fear mongering and lying going on in an order to fight this and that’s to bad. But,please think around the box and don’t let it stop your thought process. I have at least 3 more of these comments and you are all familiar with the fears from agw. Check” IPCC Warns not to stop Geoengineering”

    • Yes, that seems to be the problem, you can find any thing you want, somebodys lying. Have you been in the usa watching the skies every day this summer like me and others have? Obviously you are so stuck in your world you cant look up or you shouldn’t be telling other people what they don’t see with their own eyes in other countries. I have 70 yr. old woman w/ teeth missing at local gas station, that explained to me exactly, waving her arm in the air describing the clouds coming out of the back of these silver jets. Nice lady though, now I know she knows more about clouds than you. Congressmen& senators are getting some really nasty calls about this in my district and they are even asking people what we want them to do about it, getting pissed and hanging up on people. I have educated and turned around many agw and greens by showing them these chemtrails just in the last two months,they don’t like chemical warfare on them either. Your comment and link ? me if your one of them. You all constantly fight IPCC bullshit here yet Jimbob’s post is supposed to be taken as fact, OH WAIT, Itold you to go to their site too, how come they tell it both ways Genious.?

  4. Ive found the hate response to Patrick Moore from the ever ardent greenpeas mob very indicative of the “faith” over sanity mindset
    I used to support greenpeas on some issues
    now I find their blatantly outrageous CO2 campaigning belittles the serious issues credibility like GMO.
    if theyre so rabid and wrong on one and wont admit it
    it lowers the value and raises issue with everthing else they stand for , sadly.
    Luckily we DO have seriously good scientists and intelligent citizens working on both Co2 and gmo who are credible and do back up what they say with data..the ones who usually make NO money from their hard work.
    bit like you Robert;-)

  5. Once again, I think this illustrates my point: The World Socialism Club (the UN!) Doesn’t care about global warming because it doesn’t exist. They just can’t stand the idea that if you work hard and plan and save, EVERYONE can achieve a measure of wealth! But if you fritter away your younger years in stupid liberal arts College programs that will NEVER earn you a living or fornicating like rabbits and producing babies like them, you will always want the government to support you. (AKA Demoncrats… Socialists) It is a CAUSE, the end justifies any means. Which is why we have Obama and Shrillary, and the UN!

  6. It should be front page news that this founder of Greenpeace and the founder of The Weather Channel are both adamantly opposed to global warming theory.
    They are both also dismayed that their fine organizations have become talking heads on behalf of global warming propagandists.

  7. For the co-founder of Greenpeace to come out and say this means Hell must have frozen over 🙂 BTW did you hear him near the end of the video briefly say something about we are going into a cooling period? Did I understand him correctly? ICE AGE COMING!!

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