Greens Give Gore 2 Thumbs Down

Gore’s climate ‘reality’ show faces strongly negative reviews from fellow global warming activists

16 Sep 11 – Environmental allies distance themselves from Gore: ‘I actually avoided the Goreathon…Gore is now as much a hindrance as a help on climate…my heart immediately sank’

In addition, two German scientists ridiculed Gore for his “apocalyptic” tone and his “promise of salvation.”

Gore’s ‘promise of salvation’

A pair of German scientists noted the religious overtones of Gore’s 24 hour climate telethon. “There was only one message, an apocalyptic one, with the respective promise of salvation; sometimes the discourse almost switched into a religious sermon: once we behave climate friendly, there won’t be any storms or other natural disasters anymore,” wrote German scientists Hans von Storch & Werner Krauss of the Helmholtz Centre for Materials and Coastal Research in Geesthacht, Germany.

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3 thoughts on “Greens Give Gore 2 Thumbs Down”

  1. sigh:-( sadly here in Aus the goracles followers made sure ABC (already heavily prowarm biased) was flooded with all the hype and drama so loved of the converted.
    Our embarrasingly dim Prime Minister probably logged in to keep her faith in her Carbon Tax being…”the right thing to do”
    with NO science background and a pile of Pro green shills supporting agenda 21 eu and gore..advising her.
    we’re embarrassed, and angry.

  2. The polar ice extent has given the show two thumbs down also. Has the Gore effect cooling struck at BOTH poles?
    Because of the massive sudden increase in Arctic sea ice extent the NSIDC has said:
    “Arctic sea ice appears to have reached its lowest extent for the year.”
    So has the Antarctic melt season by the same logic been very very short?
    I think we have seen the sun in action. The sun spot count is way up and this has caused a tempory low total solar irradiance. At the same time the solar wind was down so the big electric polar heat lamps were off.

  3. I find it funny that so many anti-religious scientist types now have made science their religion. Has anyone else noticed this?

    “But by the grace of Science go I!” 🙂

    Crazy Zealots!

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