Greta Thunberg endorses Joe Biden

The 17-year-old Swedish climate-change activist, who avows “I never engage in party politics,” has endorsed Joe Biden’s bid for the White House.

Although she has a “long-standing rule of avoiding party politics,” she said in a tweet on Saturday that the November 3 election is “above and beyond all that,” and urged people to “get organized” and vote for Biden.

“I never engage in party politics,” she wrote. “But the upcoming US elections is above and beyond all that.”

I’m sure glad she never engages in party politics.

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30 thoughts on “Greta Thunberg endorses Joe Biden”

    • Greta was watching online. So were plenty of isolating people who didn’t want to take the risk that their gathering would spread the virus. We don’t know exactly how many but the election is still a close call right now and it could go either way.
      As for me, what did I do? Oh that’s easy, I just watched a few entertaining YouTube videos and enjoyed a good drink.
      Bottoms up!

    • Yeah, I found that really funny. Plus there have been a few amazing Latinos for Trump rallies (I think the last one in Florida) where there were around 30,000 cars doing the parade thing with flags, honking, etc.

  1. What do you expect from Antifa suporting parents, Greta has been brainwashed since birth. The entire ponzy scheem regarding AGW Climate Change has been to milk the system of large amounts of tax free cash.

  2. No surprise here. Greta is managed and paid by the same puppet masters that control the vast majority of career politicians. A shady group who are anxious to sell out America for a slim chance to share in the spoils. Satan laughs all the louder at these ambitious fools as they know. or should know, the destruction that awaits all but a few at the top.
    I had great hope for Trump, sure he was an eccentric egomaniac, but he was NOT a career politician, so was not part of the plan to destroy the economy and us. But sadly he fell off the tracks, sure he was pushed by a coalition of evil formed by almost every career politician and a formidable array of media moguls, who turned every gun they had onto him.
    AND BYW, how come absolutely NO ONE is mentioning the rapid and effective cure that Trump received? The correct and early treatment has saved every significant western politician and royal, yet a million around the globe have been sentenced to death because the mighty pharmaceutical cabal must be free to harvest BILLIONS from the sheeple.
    The people who should be shouting this message are too busy being distracted by anti-mask rallies. led by paid employees of the puppet masters. Can no one smell the coffee?

    • You are absolutely right Greg and I am sure that whatever good drugs that were given to the President cost a hell of a lot less than all those intubators our unfortunate grandparents from care homes were given. Makes my blood boil so it does.

  3. Please go back to reporting on climate. If I want news I will go to a news site. Very disappointing how you’ve lost your way. No better than Nat Geo, Scientific American it countless other publications that went political instead of sticking to their core.

    • If you have not notice all ready but this is climate related.Robert has not lost it he just wants you and others to realise voting this side we would enter the Paris agreements once again.

  4. She will “Re-Greta” that endorsement!

    We have to change our school “Brainwashing” to real education, so that other children do not turn out like this poor excuse of a “Hoax Denier”!

  5. Poor old Geriatric Joe. Things have not been going well and now an endorsement from an underage
    teenager posing as a climate priestess!

  6. I really fail to understand why a school dropout who has never had a job in the real economy should be regarded as anyone to listen to where Presidential elections are concerned.

    It is high time for the whole world to express strong opinions on everything associated with that young woman’s life. When she should go to school, where she should study, what her first job should be. Who her first boyfriend should be, when she should lose her virginity etc etc etc.

    If her mother objects, tell her to get her daughter to shut up about matters she is unqualified to speak about….

    • True but unfortunately stupied is one thing that can not be fix and theres plenty of stupitey in the world going on.

  7. I suppose after trump’s victory thanks to a Russian bot, Biden thinks he is getting even by asking someone who is little better than a Swedish bot to give him the edge.
    They say ‘all is fair in love and war’ so who am I to disagree?

  8. I think it is a shame that this site has become a Neocon propaganda bullhorn. It would exclude less people if it would just bring objective information about the coming cooling, and not have turned into a Republican election site.
    There is enough information about climates, without seeing the world as only USA elections and Trump promotion.
    To me, and many others outside the USA, American “politics” are pathetically infantile, and without any substance.
    To the outside world it does not matter if we are supposed to hate Russia or China, we don’t care if we are told to love Israël, or hate Iran. American politics are no more than a pathetic simple view of the world.
    Let’s be objective, and leave politics to the rest of the world, and not perpetually attack one political extreme or the other extreme.

    You would have a lot more support if you would not be a Republican propaganda bullhorn, and exclude people who reject both the Neocons and the Neoliberals.

    • I personlly don’t see Robert tuning into a political type of person but I think his point is these are the group that is being the new green deal aginda to the table.

  9. -12 F forecast for Alberta, Canada this weekend. The arctic air moves South into Colorado next week where -12 F is forecast,
    in October, and they think it’s global warming ? Idiots.

    • There was frost’n snow on the punkins this morning already. Come on solar cycle 25… it’s only going to keep getting better sunspot-wise ‘n warmer until 2025. Hope them Deagel forcasts got’er right ’cause a bunch of us will likely be ‘comin’ on down’ south after that if ‘The Price is Right’.

  10. Like attracts like, in this case dum & dummer.
    A has been and a never will be, I leave you to decide which is which.

  11. POTUS is the cherry …. but not the cake.
    Here is a partial list of all the elected offices the DemonRats plan to steal with mail-in vote fraud:
    – U.S. House of Representatives
    – U.S. Senators
    – State Legislators
    – Governors
    – Lieutenant Governors
    – State Attorneys General
    – State Secretaries of State
    – Mayors
    – District Attorneys
    – Sheriffs or Police Chief
    – Judges
    – City Councils
    – County Commissioners
    – School Boards
    – Voter Registrars
    – City Clerks
    – etc., etc.

  12. Why the MSM gave her so much airtime. When questioned she doesn’t even know what she’s campaigning about. Who’s worse her or the MSM BS merchants

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