Gun control – “We foolishly gave them the keys to our destruction”

Do we really want an ever more tyrannical government?

For many residents of Amsterdam, the German invasion of May 10, 1940, came as a shock.

“We were trapped,” said Lena Herzfeld, “along with one hundred and forty thousand other Dutch Jews.”

“Unlike France and Belgium, which were placed under German military control, Hitler decided that the Netherlands would be run by a civilian administration,” writes Daniel Silva in The Rembrandt Affair. “He gave the job to Reichskommissar Arthur Seyss-Inquart, a fanatical anti-Semite who had presided over Austria after the Anschluss in 1938.”

“Within days the decrees began. At first, a benign-sounding order forbade Jews from serving as air-raid wardens. Then Jews were ordered to leave the Hague, Holland’s capital, and to move from sensitive coastal areas. In September, all Jewish newspapers were banned. In November, all Jews employed by the Dutch civil service, including those who worked in the educational and telephone systems, were summarily dismissed. Then, in January 1941, came the most ominous Nazi decree to date. All Jews residing in Holland were given four weeks to register with the Dutch census office. Those who refused were threatened with prison and faced consfiscation of their property.

“The census provided the Germans with a map showing the name, address, age, and sex of nearly every Jew in Holland.

“We foolishly gave them the keys to our destruction.”

“… The census was followed by a cascade of new decrees that served to further isolate, humiliate, and impoverish the Jews of Holland. Jews were forbidden to donate blood. Jews were forbidden to to enter hotels or eat in restaurants. Jews were forbidden to attend the theater, visit public libraries, or view art exhibits.”

The list of lost freedoms goes on and on.

Do any of the above restrictions remind you of what freedoms we lost during the so-called pandemic?

Would Hitler have been so successful if Jews, and the people around them, had stood up and said “NO!” to the loss of their freedoms?

Would Hitler have been so successful if Jews, and the people around them, had been armed?


I quote the above passage from The Rembrandt Affair to show you just how insidious the very thought of a bill such as HR 127 can be. Allow such a Nazi-like bill to pass, and a cascade of new Fascist orders is bound to ensue.

To own a gun, you would first need to pass a background check. (If you believe in freedom, or have ever attended a freedom rally, would you be allowed to pass such a background check?)

Then you would need to pass a psych evaluation. (Since I don’t believe in the global warming hoax, would I pass a psych evaluation? What about you? What other politically incorrect attitudes could be used against you?)

Then you would be required to pay -, who knows how much? – for 24 hours of training.

Then you would be required to purchase an insurance policy issued by a government agency at a cost of $800 per year. (What reasons could they manufacture to render you uninsurable? What’s to keep them from doubling the cost of the insurance any time they like?)

What will happen if you violate this blatant attempt at fascist control?  A minimum – minimum! – fine of $50,000 and, get this, 10-15 years minimum in jail.

This is insane and completely violates our 2nd amendment.  We need to completely annihilate this bill!

Yes, the above is exactly what the bill proposes.

Meanwhile, they want to allow more and more felons onto the streets while defunding the police.

You can see the proposed bill in all its gobbledygook glory for yourself right here:

12 thoughts on “Gun control – “We foolishly gave them the keys to our destruction””

  1. Just wondering why its possible that so many irresponsible gun deaths are prevented by background checks in Canada then?

    • You are delusional by comparing gun deaths in canukistan to paces here like Baltimore,
      Detroit, Chicago ? You think gun laws would
      stop those killings ? Chicago has the strictest gun laws in the country and the highest murder rate, Chew on those facts,then find a safe space

  2. Remind me again the prison sentence decreed for a US Capitol Hill repeatedly voting to murder thousands to millions of foreigners through illegal wars of aggression?

    Would that be ZERO?? AND the promise of lots of cash for being a good boy/girl ??

    Sorry to tell you Americans, you are now officially a nation we all hold in contempt.

    I hold my own nation’s fascists in the UK in contempt too.

    But they don’t have the ability to bomb the world.

    You lot do.

    We aren’t your allies any more, we the people. We actively WANT to see the US Government get what it dishes out to others. We WANT to see mass death on Capitol Hill.

    Nowhere else just yet. But the Pentagon and the military teat suckers are high up on the list too.

    Why on EARTH does Joe Biden have the right to live??

    Ask yourselves: WHY??

    Do you have to be a mass murderer and a mafioso-style grifter to earn the right to live in the USA nowadays??

    • Need I remind you who partnered in the
      holocaust perpetrated on Dresden and
      other civilian occupied German cities
      after the “good” war was technically over ?
      Not to mention the starving of the Irish
      in the 19th century, You limeys are even worse than the U.S

  3. wow theyre seriously savage proposals
    and yes as in the above since guns were handed in and mainly rural people now own and pay stupid fees and taxes and have no right toprivacy re inspections etc
    our crims are having a ball
    more shootings every week now, than before

  4. Every state needs to declare itself a 2nd Amendment Sanctuary and refuse to allow the Feds to impose this law, which will probably be passed by the Democrat controlled Senate. We are in dire straits if that happens, and our freedoms are essentially gone.

  5. If you have the ability, buy as many guns from private sellers as you can, BEFORE this Nazi-Communist-Castro Bill gets passes.

    Here in South Florida, when I go to the “legal” gun show, I pass many road-side places where private people are selling-buying guns to those who are driving to the “legal” gun show.

    This is a great place to buy, privately, guns. You have about 6 months left to do this.

    Oh, buy as much ammo as you can before that is illegal.

    Welcome to Germany 1933.

  6. As to the prevention of “irresponsible gun deaths” in Canada.

    It could be from unconstitutional, draconian gun laws in Canada, or perhaps another phenomenon is at work here. Let’s dive in, shall we?

    The USA is comprised of roughly 14 percent blacks, which is roughly 5 times that of Canada. Looking at the number of gun deaths per 100 thousand in the US, the number is remarkably similar, or roughly 6 times more than our neighbors to the north.

    If you look at statistics compiled by the NYPD, in 2014, we see that blacks are 30 times more apt to be arrested for murder, 14 times for robbery, 11 times for rape, 9 times for felonious assault and roughly 100 times for shootings.

    The arrest rates for Hispanics, though less startling, are also many times more than whites.

    Mind you, these are arrests, not convictions. A quick wikipedia search, however, shows that out of the top ten countries for firearm deaths, ALL TEN of them are predominantly black and Hispanic.

    1 Honduras
    2 Venezuela
    3 Swaziland
    4 Guatemala
    5 Jamaica
    6 El Salvador
    7 Colombia
    8 Brazil
    9 Panama
    10 Uruguay

    Which country has the dubious honor of placing exactly in 11th place?

    You guessed it…. the good ole US of A.

    Any coincidence that 9 out of 10 of these crime infested countries are are in the western hemisphere, most a long walk or short boat ride away from our shores?


    I think the pertinent question isn’t why there are so many gun related deaths in America, but why, given our demographics, do we have so few?

    The answer is an easy one.

    At least for now, we have the right to bear arms.

  7. Her bandanna mask may be too tight,
    so Your very accurate and astute response
    will undoubtedly be wasted on her,
    Regardless of our illegal governments
    unconstitutional,communist proclamations
    only a fool and a coward would obey them

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