Gutsy wrangler, huge horse save boy from grizzly

Why was the bear charging? Because  unprecedented amounts of snow had covered its normal food sources. Video of the wrangler on David Letterman show.


On one of the latest shows with David Letterman there is a woman talking about how she and her horse rescued a small boy from a bear. There is a segment where she says that last winter there was a record number of human/bear encounters and when Letterman asks her why that was, she says something to the effect that there was record snow last winter and the bears couldn’t find enough food like berries in the forests so they would come out in greater numbers and approach people’s homes in search of food. (it’s at 3.45 that he poses the question.)

I found it interesting and it supports your theory. Of course David let it just pass and did not pick that up at all and moved on to the next question.

Thanks for all the postings and articles. I find your website very interesting and like checking on the latest ice age developments.



“The bear was chasing a deer,” says the article accompanying the video. “But when the deer escaped in the pandemonium of panicking horses, the grizzly continued its pursuit – bearing down on a fleeing horse carrying Ian Turner, an 8-year-old guest from northern California.

“Horse experts have marveled at Bolster’s ability to get Tonk to overcome his natural instinct to run away from the danger. With Bolster’s heels in his ribs, the large Percheron (draft horse) mix, wheeled around and charged the bear three times before driving it away from the boy and the other horse.”

See entire great story in the Spokesman-Review:





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  1. Thanks for this article Paola I really enjoyed that snippet from the David Letterman show. When the cold weather was first starting in the UK there was the first snowy owl siting in the southwest for 30 years and also Lapwings were seen really far south too, looking for food. These natural events are really good for forecasting. Thanks again and thanks Bob for the site, I read both your books and I can’t argue with them. Ed

  2. We have to be careful when looking for supportive evidence of global cooling events, not to grasp at straws. This is what we complain the Global Warming protagonists are doing.
    Indicative big picture trends in the climate picture (eg sunspot activity) are much more pertinent than incidents which may or may not indicate anything significant.
    The discovery of a chain of active submarine active volcanoes (as Robert reported here) is much more convincing as evidence of ocean warming from other than Anthropogenic sources, for example, than a grizzly attack.

    • Exactly. One has to look for broad systemic evidence the other side would just as soon ignore or put their spin on the narrative.

    • Personally, I think this is every bit as useful and appropriate as having a bunch of idiots signing a global warming petition underwater in the Maldives. you can call it grasping at straws all you want, but it IS anecdotal proof of a current cooling climate. The average person has no concept of science anyway, for if he did, he couldn’t be sucked in by AGW. All the average person knows is anecdotal evidence – droughts in Texas, higher temperatures in the city islands – so giving them something that goes in the opposite direction makes all the sense in the world to me.

  3. @malcolm: it’s not about the grizzly attack but the fact that she cites as an explanation for it: that montana’s snow cover last year was 180% of the usual snow pack. that is an unreported meteorological fact which i think is worth mentioning. forget the grizzly.

  4. Climate unrelated I know but the “natural instinct to run away from the danger” is a LOT less pronounced in the Percheron than most other horse breeds as it was originally bred as a warhorse . There are accounts of this breed standing over and protecting the fully armoured knights and men-at-arms that were their riders after they had been unhorsed and wounded during a battle . Nice to see that this magnificent breed still has the courage it was renown for

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  6. gutsy horse and girl, very glad she purchased him.
    and yeah passing over the comment re the massive increase in snowfall is typical, if it was anything they could use to mention due to warming it would have been jumped at.
    I would suspect a lot more bear and wolf attacks will be happening, as they are in europe and russia,as usual food sources are late ,undersnow or poorer due to shorter summertime. If cooling is underway as we suspect, the it wont take long for it to be glaringly obvious. even to the goreites.
    but theyve got a good line in denial going themselves:-)

  7. Good on Letterman for that piece, but I have to say that it simply wouldn’t have dawned on him to stop and ponder “…Gee, I wonder why there was EIGHTY PERCENT MORE SNOWPACK that year– that’s opposite of what we’re being told by the likes of ALGORE…”

  8. That snakey David Letterman (given enough money) would say this: “That bear-attack was caused by the snowfree winter, the bear couldn´t enter hibernation because of you devilish C02-making humans!!!”.

  9. I think the whole world should know if an imminent mini ice age will occur soon, this will safe many people lives .

  10. I am not quite sure what Brits getting a higher calorie recommendation has to do with bear attacks in the US. However I know that obesity has become a problem in the US and Europe. Animals in the wild and domestic animals tend to put on more body fat and have thicker coats before exceptionally cold winters. More and more people have had trouble controlling their weight in the past 10 to 15 years. I am sure most of it is because of less exercise and aging population but could part of it be our instincts are warning us of longer, colder and leaner winters in the not too distant future? Especially the rising incidence of obesity in children, just a thought.

  11. I am in love!Great woman to weather an ice age with. What a real life hero and a white horse to boot. Letterman isn’t smart enough to connect the dots between the snow pack and the charging bear.

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