Hail causes extensive damage to agriculture in Germany, Italy, France and Austria

Severe hailstorm – Witches being blamed.

“Remember back in the old days, during the Little Ice Age, when hail storms would sweep across and destroy crops, livestock, entire towns?” asks reader.

“Yeah, it’s happening again.”

“Very large hail hit parts of of Germany, Italy, France and Austria over the weekend, prompting officials to declare the highest alert level.

“Extensive damage has been reported to agriculture, especially vineyards, and this years harvest has been put at serious risk.

“Damaged cars and broken glass have also been reported.

“Throw in a few ‘witches’ being blamed (and burned at the stake) for the bad weather, and we’re right back in the dark ages.”

A cluster of Thunderstorms unleash huge Hail across Europe

The A2 motorway near Hartberg, southeastern Austria, was covered with a thick blanket of hail, turning it white.

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(I’m guessing that this is not the reader’s real name.)

17 thoughts on “Hail causes extensive damage to agriculture in Germany, Italy, France and Austria”

  1. Let them drink Wine.

    OK, I’ll be serious.

    The Germans have let in multi-millions of “refugees” so I hope they have the decency to make sure they have housing, heat, food & water, health care, education, cable TV, etc. while they stay there, indefinitely, as “refugees” during this Ice Age.

    It is the least the Europeans can do, before they collapse.

    • You must be joking. On the other hand would the Middle East, Asia and Africa have the decency to take in the entire white European population and subsidize their stay during an ice age? I suspect the answer would be are you joking?

      • (Above is Educational Sarcasm)

        Those from the Middle East, Asia, Africa have NO BUSINESS being in Europe, yet they are intentionally being moved, by the millions, for a reason so horrific I won’t mention it.

  2. The modern ‘witches are AGW climate skeptics.
    pointing out the CO2 is plant food and our Sun keeps us from freezing to death, as well as providing the energy to drive our climate.

  3. Looks like we’ll have to grow our crops under cover in giant hoop framed buildings. The Canadians already do this, using cheap hydroelectric power for grow lights, and export tomatoes and herbs to the US.

    • http://www.inseasonag.com/anti-hail-netting/

      There’s the ticket to stop normal sized hail, wonder how it works on abnormal sized hail. I’ve been looking thru “A Chronological Listing of Early Weather Events”….. Seems the ancients had pumpkin sized hail. One can assume they would not lie about the size like they do today.

    • Why does the Canadians do this, if they believe that the globe is warming? Warmer climate means increased crops.

  4. Remarkably. I did not hear anything on tv or radio in the Netherlands about such weather in the EU nor the newspapers reported it. It is strange to have a very dry period without politicians who aren’t capable of thinking in terms of lost crops and so on. Also water supply is out of view. Individuals do not have any clue what is going and still are thinking in terms of having fun and sun. I just read that dry summers with high temp. will be accompanied by severe winters, volatilty means a change is in weather pattern is on the road.

    • Witches are not quite as threatening as those of the PC persuasion.
      The PC groups are such a numerous and diverse group of villains and odd balls that there is no chance of running out of them anytime soon. As targets for persecution witches are relatively insignificant and sorting them out would be like a final clean up of society after the real work has been done.

  5. looks like Aus is in the same boat without the visibly huge masses
    our pop is slated to hit 25mil this year early next 2019
    prior data placed that number amassing by 2040!!!!
    shows what the labour green bleeding heart immigration policies can do to screw a nation over!
    how the hell we’re supposed to house school provide education health care and the rest inc water and other facilities has many more than me angry/concerned.
    we already had housing issues health issues espec aged and disabled related . traffic and infrastructure problems.
    Im reckoning at 20yrs left for me, and its looking like a bloody depressing frugal and hardscrabble survival old age;-(
    as if i hadnt spent the prior parts doing it hard enough, easier elder yrs is a dream/nightmare

    • Shut up. It is your duty to provide for the poor.

      The UN has decided, and who the hell are you to refuse.

      You Will Open Your Home, and it’s NOT your home anyway. It belongs to the people of the world. So shut up, pay for the food, housing, health care, education, clothes, transportation, etc.

      You are a RICH country that stole it all from the peoples of the world and it is your duty to give back to the peoples.

    • Without destroying your county’s beliefs and wealth, the Progressives cannot make your country over into their wicked vision of world dominance. So expect it to get only worse.

      In the U.S. the big push that suddenly has sprung up from our Progressives is to get rid of our borders and ICE. Complete lawlessness. They still have no clue as to why Trump stomped their candidate in the ground on election day.

    • Laurel, I’m in the same age boat with low confidence about the future of civilization in the south of the ‘dark continent’.

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