Half-a-billion people locked down in their homes – Video

Imagine ordering everyone in New York City, Chicago, Dallas, Atlanta, Los Angeles, San Francisco, to stay home. No one is allowed out on the streets. What would happen to our economy? To our infrastructure?

This video is entitled “SHTF has already started – Corona-V fall out.

This guy talks not only about the coronavirus itself, but puts much emphasis on the economic consequences.

Look at what the contagion is doing in the world of business. People are not allowed to leave their homes. This stops commerce dead in its tracks.
The Chinese government and the whole world has created a hysteria around this.

This is going to affect the bottom line of American corporations. The U.S. is going to have supply-chain issues. Same with Europe.

“I hope you have your finances in order and that you’re doing the best you can to manage debt, have some savings, protect your wealth, whatever it is you do, along with having food, water, shelter, clothing, medicine and a means of self defense.

Remember, government is not about serving you. It is about serving government and keeping themselves in power.

Chance favors the prepared mind.

Thanks to Winston Smith for this video

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  1. While the economic concern is certainly valid, you all might be grossly misconstruing what is unfolding here.
    Today’s (Wednesday, US) update from Hubei showed a skyrocketing day over dày increase of infected of nearly 15,000.
    The Chinese national update confirmed aerosolized transmission, NOT airborne, is taking place … which transform this into Hollywood tier ominous.

    Vietnam quarantined ~10,000 population village as 16th victim emerges.
    British inmate flown under custody from Thailand infected … indicating the suspected under reporting is taking place there as well as throughout Asian countries.

    Economic hit is just the beginning.
    Societal stress may appear on a vast scale depending upon how effectively constraining measures are implemented throughout the globe toot sweet.

  2. Such a lock down would amount to thing short of a 7th year sabbath or even a debt jubilee. Little or no work getting done and thus impairing the means of meeting fiscal and debt obligations. This is why most people defy God and don’t obey the requirement for the 7th year sabbaths and jubilee years. They like slavery to debt and real estate prices and they like earning an income and they don’t believe God because they can’t see him and find his laws and judgments to be inconvenient,politically incorrect and a manifestation of Nazism. Otherwise society would be squeaky clean, mortgages and debts in general would
    be paid off in less than 7 years, no interest rates or rents ,no PC, no slavery, nothing for me to be offended by and worst of all from the modern point of view we would have a society that works 6 years out of 7. The 7th year is for divine worship,mental health, clearing the debts from the economy by writing off residual debt and last but not least , rest. Anyone had enough of the modern world and its BS yet?

  3. This is a very good thing.

    We will decrease the absurd population of 2 Third World Countries: China and India. China’s population should be around 250 Million and India around 150 million, Max.

    This is good.

    Second, this will teach the greedy ah*les that run our Companies to move all production back to the US. We Americans should manufacture products WE Americans buy…

    If you want to sell it here, make it here.

    There is absolutely nothing the rest of the World provides that we Americans need. We can, unlike any other country, supply all our needs as long as we are not stupidly greedy and sell ourselves out for “cheap labor”.

    Think how wonderful our Country will be if we shut our borders to EVERYTHING…Think I am nuts? Really.

  4. If China firms keep still closed for a long, very soon there will be shortages of manufactured goods in Europe and maybe in USA as well. As european firms are mainly using parts imported from China, they will close.. These events should generate a strong inflation and so could damage the economies of these countries.. even more than the chinese one..

    BTW, I read some time ago that the Russian Ministry of Agriculture had sent a warning concerning the next wheat crop due to the fact that there was no snow in Russia this winter and so there won’t be so much water during next summer for the crops…

  5. In the long run, it seems to me, that the major economic effect would be to repatriate a lot of manufacturing back the US and other countries, and raise serious questions about the wisdom of having to depend on a supply chain for finished manufactured goods that is 10,000 miles long.

  6. Get real and stop this hysteria and fear-mongering. This is a bad case of the flu at worse, not the black plague. Yes it can kill the weaken or very old but so can any other type of flu. Bottom line – No one gets out of this life alive, come out of your bunker and do something constructive and enjoy your time on this earth.

  7. The economic stress will not be a great as it is portrayed. If governments keep their wits about them, that is. It doesn’t have to trigger bankruptcies and all the gloom and doom that people are talking about. Yes, retail food shops will not have sales, and when they open again sales will slowly ramp up to where they left off. If the landlord will work with the shop owner, the shop owner can pay a slightly higher rent, and the land lord can write off a bit of the lease, and they will both be less wealthy, but they will be fine. Other industries will just see pent up demand accumulate behind their products but largely be in the same boat, so when buying resumes, they will have higher demand for a while and then fall back to normal. All bets are off if this thing gets seriously deadly and kills off 2-3% of victims. The Ebola virus was not conquered, it mutated to a less deadly, and less contagious form that basically inoculated those who got it. the Spanish flue went around the world and mutated into a much more deadly disease and then swept through the population again, killing a lot more than the first round. You never know how these things will turn out. Look for hot spots to turn up in major U.S. and European cities in the next two weeks or so. The estimates of how long the virus lasts on surfaces was revised up to five days, and the a-symptomatic transmission exposure went from 14 days to now 24 days. It’s not over by a long shot.

  8. “I suppose it is tempting, if all you have is a hammer, to treat everything as if it were a nail.” -Abraham Maslow 1966

    I checked out this guy’s youtube channel. Three fourth’s of his videos have SHTF in the title. I believe he is an ex-Marine. (I know- there’s no such thing as an EX-Marine. That simply furthers my point.)

    It’s good to consider a variety of viewpoints. This one appears to be on the far fringe of prepperism. Not saying he’s wrong, but simply that violence and warfare are more “normal” to him than to most of us. He may be treating this situation as a nail because all he has is a hammer.

    Especially note, that just as everyone else is doing, his speech is full of ifs and maybes. If this guy speculates, chances are he will speculate in the direction of SHTF.

    I love John the 1st’s Heinlein quote about facts. That is what we are pitifully short of right now.

  9. I have heard it mentioned that this is the start of the UN’s Agenda 30, to reduce the world’s population by 85%.

    Of course — this is just a conspiracy theory, naturally.

  10. Cliffhild-

    If the IPCC is trying to implement Agenda 2030, they have chosen a pretty puny virus for the job. Of course, there’s lots more where that one came from, some of them a great deal more deadly.

    It would explain the piss-poor performance of the WHO, though, wouldn’t it?

  11. RWF, installed the firefox app – ePub book reads great – no prob – sticking to old tech W7 CPUs. Will read updated ver. ebook – it’s been at least a decade as I gave my copy(s) incl. mag/rev to Kell-Belly Esq. as I ransfered the whole ranch to her now. Your books and this site have made all the difference. Thank you. RWB (The other Robert)

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