Half a meter of snow in France and Italy – Video

Cabin owners say they are used to such landscapes only near Christmas.

Several roads are already closed, and the others cannot be used unless cars are properly equipped.


Thanks to Alex Tanase in Romania for this link

13 thoughts on “Half a meter of snow in France and Italy – Video”

  1. Lunatics once again go out of control as GEOMAG storms hit our WEAKENED MAG SHIELD, which is an aspect of GSM !!!
    There was a direct hit C class solar flare along with solar wind from a positive polarity coronal hole and the lunatics lost all ability to stay within the bounds of normal thinking because of our WEAKENED MAG SHIELD which is all included in the package of GSM !!!
    Here’s a few headliners from Seattle over the weekend:
    https://komonews.com/news/local/oregon-gov-brown-stands-down-joint-law-enforcement-effort-after-saturdays-protests 30 arrested.

    Were not out of the woods yet, look up Mercury in retrograde and then multiply those effects because of GSM !! All of October into November Mercury will be in the hood along with Jupiter/Saturn which are still aligned and also Us and Mars.
    We’re headed INTO the woods and then it’s gonna snow, oh goody. Hard hats, safety glasses and flashlights should be at the ready at all times, keep your ammo and socks dry;)
    Peace, out.

  2. Sorry, but who cares about these two Third World Nations that nobody cares about? I don’t. And neither do you.

    Oil? The world is awash with it.

    Some people get all emotionally upset with “war”…I don’t. Let them slaughter each other. Then there is more for us and who really needs these 5th century tribes?

    Let them kill each other. Let Allah sort them out.

    To care about people who don’t care about themselves only makes you the idiot.

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