Half-meter snowdrifts and minus 32°C

Russian winter is taking its course. As a place for its presentation, the cold chose the central regions of Yakutia. On October 15, at the Iema weather station, the minimum temperature was −32°C.

In addition to severe night frost, in Yakutia there is a large diurnal variation in temperature. At noon the same day, thermometers showed −13°C.

Northeast of Russia under snow cover (Meteonovosti -RU)

A snow blanket on ‘Pokrov Day’ covered the north-eastern part of Russia. On October 14, snow cover reached half a meter in the Magadan Region. Yakutia in the neighboring region seeks to keep up with snowdrifts up to 46 cm high.

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6 thoughts on “Half-meter snowdrifts and minus 32°C”

  1. The Russians knew that a Grand Solar Minimum was coming. That is why they are in Syria, and Crimea – for warm weather ports and agricultural areas. China knew it was coming. They have invested billions in Africa, revived the Silk Road route through Asia, are building military naval bases in the South Pacific, invested in many countries, especially Australia (where I live) where they buy houses, agricultural land, mines, have a 99 year lease on the Port of Darwin, built a military runway in Western Australia, and pay millions to our universities and tell them what subjects they would like taught there – covert operation!!

  2. I have no doubts that it is cold over there but Yakutia is part of Siberia and Siberia is synonym with COLD. I don’t know how unusual is -32*C at this time of the year, but it doesn’t look like warming.

    • -25*F (-32*C) for us here in most of North America is extreme cold no matter what time of year it occurs. People can succumb in minutes if not properly dressed. They start issuing extreme cold warnings at temperatures about 35-40*F warmer than this, depending on the area of course. That’s when your nostrils will start to freeze inside if you sniff too vigorously and you can’t be wearing exposed metal jewelry for safety reasons. -25*F is extremely cold. I doubt it’s anywhere near normal in October, even for a cold place like Siberia.

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