Hang on to your hat – Bárðarbunga may blow again

“Geologists are currently investigating signs that magma is building up again under Bárðarbunga,” says Iceland website.

Bárðarbunga is the volcano under Iceland’s famous Vatnajökull glacier which erupted for six months in 2014-15.

An earthquake swarm on September 11 in Hamarinn volcano may be connected to Bárðarbunga, says Jón Frímann of jonfr.com

“That connection is unclear,” says Frimann, “but historical data suggests that once Bárðarbunga volcano gets erupting sometimes Hamarinn volcano does too.”



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9 thoughts on “Hang on to your hat – Bárðarbunga may blow again”

  1. funny, I was musing I hadnt checked iceland webpage recently..
    just had friends leave for OS flights to europe..
    last time their family went os they got stuck when the really huge eruption grounded flights
    would seem theyre jinxed.

      • Could the up and coming perigee moon linked to solar activity have something to do with this, as well as the huge quake in Chile?

        • Have notice that earthquake and volcanic activity become more predominate just prior, during and after New Moons.
          Is not perfect clock-work, but does put more strain on fractured plates. Then add in all the reactions of the planet due to magnetic reduction at poles, hold on to your hats and tee pees.

  2. The last time it erupted, Bardarbunga alone emitted more SO2 into the atmosphere than from all the US power plants combined emit in over a three year period. (using EPA stats which probably overstate the amount of power plant emissions).

    Not even counting all of the other volcano eruptions.

    So the EPA’s latest push to reduce SO2 emissions by closing down all coal plants is meaningless.

  3. Holuhraun could have been much worse:
    From Icelandmonitor:
    The impact of the recent Holuhraun volcanic eruption could have been much worse, if the timing and exact location had been different, says a leading scientist.
    “We were lucky with the Holuhraun eruption as regards both timing and location,” says Sigurður Reynir Gíslason of the University of Iceland.

  4. Considering that Bárðarbunga is fed by the mid Atlantic ridge and a mantle plume like every other volcano in Iceland one should not be surprised by repeated eruptions.

  5. Earthquake activity in the Katla region has been quite high for the past month or two as well. Probably a lot of magma moving in that whole area. Perhaps the world is preparing to stretch a little at her seams.

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