What is happening in Romania, Bosnia, Serbia, Croatia, Montenegro, Herzegovina?

Just three weeks ago, record snowfall buried thousands of people in Romania, people had to tunnel out of their homes, barns collapsed by the hundreds, 7,000 cattle died in Italy alone … and now nothing.

Nothing. Nada. No news. We hear nothing.

In the United States media it’s like it never happened.

We have heard nothing more about the entire villages that were cut off by the snow, or the people whose houses were buried beneath 4 meters of snow, or the 140,000 people trapped by the snow. (See https://iceagenow.info/2012/02/140000-trapped-snow-death-toll-rises-550/ )

Are they now safe? Has the snow melted? Have there been giant floods?

If anyone has information about those areas are now doing, I would like to hear from you.

Thanks to Aleksandar Cvetic in Serbia who sent the following article from Bucharest’s Southeast European Times dated 17 Feb 2012.

Let’s not let the media pretend that this never happened.

More than 63,000 people are completely isolated by snow in Buzau and Vrancea counties in southeastern Romania. Most villages are still buried in drifts 5 feet high several days after the storm.  Villagers have to dig tunnels to get out of their homes and feed their livestock.

More than 80 roads in five districts and the main railway routes are blocked, the Interior Ministry said.  About 200 trains were canceled, said the National Company for Highways and roads.

Vrancea county Prefect Marian Oprisan declared martial law, allowing local authorities to draw more resources to help people.

The government began collecting food and other basic items across the country for citizens who are buried in the snow. The military, firefighters, gendarmes, and in some areas prisoners are involved in emergency work.

Hundreds of army troops have been mobilized in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) to assist citizens in dealing with record snowfalls that have left many without power. Armed Forces of BiH have contributed to the battle against the snow-storm record with 1,700 soldiers.


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  1. Dear Robert,

    The snow has fortunatelly melted slowly in Romania, since no significant snow fell after Feb 12th and temperatures rose gradually, even now being below freezing during night time in most of the country; the areas that measured almost 1 meter of snow and even several meters in snow drifts, in the east adn south east now have at most one foot of snow. In Bucharest, that recorded up to 72 cm of snow in mod february, the snow layer has now reduced to patches. Only the mountains still keep a significant snow pack, often measuring 1 meter or more which will permit a prolonged ski season. No flooding was reported so far.

    • Thank you for taking the time for the update. It is appreciated by those of us that do worry about all human beings, not just the wealthy ones.

        • smartass!
          in times of upheaval, a few informed and aware people can actually do a fair bit to save others and make survival a possibility.
          no heros no fanfare just the ability to have some idea of what to do to help others and survive.
          even if thats as simple as making shelter from scraps and managing clean water, and basic wound management etc.
          bread and circuses of the Roman times is the same event- now its just maccas and the idiot box.

          • Romans really had no choice did they? The concept of disseminating news to the masses hadn’t quite got off the ground yet. Today we have many choices I was only commenting on the ‘wealthy ones’ comment. Thought it was rather snarky and mean spirited. If one is a true humanitarian with only the good of mankind in one’s heart than the socio-economic status of a particular group is of no consequence. If however one has an agenda or a particular ax to grind then…Well that’s a horse of another color, isn’t it?

  2. So very many villages in Eastern Europe were isolated and buried under several meters of snow. Once the snow melted, it is to be expected that many dead people were to be found, especially old people, and their number should be added to the total death toll. Also many cattle animals in small farms must have died. But the MSM keep silent about this. Remember the beluga’s that were trapped in the ice and the icebreaker that was to come to their rescue, was delayed? What happened to the beluga’s? But we see no stories about these items in the MSM.

  3. Stupid USA media. They really are utterly and disgustingly useless. Not reporting on this is nothing less than criminal. I have cancelled my cable by the way. I don’t need to feed these liberals in Hollywood any more money and then having the nerve NOT to report on what could be possibly thousands dead due to blizzards and extreme cold in Europe plus having the damned nerve to raise my cable bill. They are DONE !! CRIMINALS !!

      • I hate the media with every millimeter I ever had. Or better said, I despise the ones who control the media with a passion.
        I hate them so much I can’t even turn on TV or look at any newspapers these days. They are completely useless.

        They are the nations enemy – especially in this country where most people are pretty uneducated. All Americans know about is their next football game, how much beer is in the fridge and who won the beauty contest in Hollywood.
        That sort of ignorance is exactly what will get us all killed ! Stay ignorant like that all your life and this extinction will hit us in the face before we have a chance in hell to react. There should be cable TV channels pointing out everything on this website, as well as scientific programs that look into this cycle with great detail without ANY politics involved. I’d rather die easy without freezing to death instead of dying hard in a horrible and dreadful way, like the dinosaurs did. (you can read that chapter of how they died in Magnetic Reversals and Evolutionary Leaps – they died in severe agony) And considering the extremely ignorant media and uneducated population, THAT fate awaits us all. Better turn off that sports show and start paying attention to this cycle and get educated !!

        • Back in the happier days of “Gunsmoke” and the “Ed Sullivan Show”, TV was decribed as a “vast wasteland”.

          Now it is devolved into a vast, crass, vulgar cesspool, where kids are encouraged to be little potty mouths and engage in every form of sex known to man by the age of 12.

        • Since your ripping so hard on us un educated, stupid, brainwashed hillbilly ‘mericans I have to ask where o’ where are the enlightened bright eyed dripping with wisdom and common sense, non-extinction bound peoples at? Is it just us or are there other victims of the msm in the world? I find it fascinating that you use the exact( and I mean exact) same vitriol that is espoused on the agw sites.

          • Those who aren’t extremely fed up by now HAVE NO CLUE about anything going on. Plain and simple.

            • Life goes on brother. There is no profit in getting fed up. I’ve always believed in that old saw ‘Tis better to light a single candle than to curse the darkness’. I try to inform folks, some listen most don’t. Regardless of how much I rail at the universe, no matter how much hair I yank out some will listen most won’t. That is just the way it is.

              • It might be that demographic shifts in Internet user populations in the last 5-10 years, as more rural areas around the English-speaking world (and especially in the US) have access to high speed networks. A lot of the folks who settled and developed the digital blank slate of the ’90s and survived nearly two decades of epic flame wars might have embraced a more moderate tone by now, but for those relatively new to the cultural conflicts raging online, the feelings are perhaps all still very raw and fresh, thus the immoderate emotional displays. Tired old saws about how (people|sheeple|americans) need to (wake up|get a clue) are not a strategy for winning the debate. They’re just emotional vulcanism that blurs into white noise, unlikely to lead to any useful end. The other thing to consider is the well known phenomena of negative response bias. It’s likely that most of the temperate-minded readers don’t take time to leave comments, preferring instead to mull over their thoughts offline or in another forum. Thanks for that candle in the dark, and also to Robert for aggregating these trends and patterns for us.

  4. To Kenneth Lund, I had my tv (Directv) shut off two years ago. At the time I was 60 years old and thought, I had never been without tv. How will this work out? I’m happy to say I have not missed it one bit and am actually getting a lot more accomplished and staying even more informed because of the internet.

    • hi steve, life without TV is great:-)
      I haven’t had a TV video etc for some 20 years, and I am better informed widely read and more up to date than most folks I know. even without the net you can gather info but the net sure makes education and information easier, access to vast arrays of info that even libraries cant supply.
      keep the vidiot box OUT of your life.

  5. Most of the media leans to the left. The left has invested time and money in many left wing causes. One of these causes is man caused global warming. Don’t confuse them with the facts such as the world is actually cooling and there hasn’t been any warming for the last 15 years. They don’t want to hear this or report on it. AGW has become a religon of faith with the left. In order to be an accepted enviromentalist you must believe in AGW as a litmus test for acceptance. If you don’t believe in AGW then you an ignorant boob wearing a tin foil hat and should be ignored. Don’t count on them changing their attitudes anytime soon.

  6. If its not Global Warming then its not happening fokes. Lets just pretend it never snowed at all, it might just go away.

  7. The story was covered fairly well on SBS news here in Australia. Fairly scant coverage on the commercial stations’ “news”(which is typical of most big overseas stories that don’t occur in either the USA or UK). I really don’t understand why anyone would waste time watching the “news” when you have the real news at your fingertips.

  8. I do not trust any of the mainstream media channels!
    The same with Japan’s Fukushima? What’s really happening there we know its not over and the huge radiation contamination??? Same with the oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico which is still leaking?etc etc
    They would rather show us basket ball!!! Luckily I am not one of those brainwashed US citizens!!

    • There is and was no “huge radiation comtamination” at Fukushima. You will need to research quite a bit to actually accumulate enough systematic information for this to really make sense, but if you have ever been sunburned you received several times the radiation dose that evenuated at Fukushima. Also, if you look into the effects of Low Dose Radiation and “hormesis” you will find that in fact we may generally not be receiving an adequate dose.

      As concerns oil leaks, you want to remember that prehistoric indians along the coast of California daubed baskets with petroleum tar. There are natural oil “leaks” such as the la Brea tar pits all over the planet, though most are not as dramatic. There are “asphalt volcanoes” on the floor of the sea between the main land and the Channel Islands off California too. Governments and NGOs both want you scared, of the weather, of the world around, of your neighbors. Fright sells: goods, legislation, donations.

  9. I am dissapointed in this website! Now we have all these funny ads of single girls and whatmore???Would be nice to keep it to purely science??? What’s going on??

    • Hi Theo, In order to help support my work, I contract with Google to place ads on this website. Each time someone clicks on one of those ads (which I appreciate) I get a few pennies. I never know what ads they’re going to run. I am not allowed to click on those ads, so don’t know what you get if you do actually click on one. (In the past, website owners have clicked on the ads themselves in order to increase their income, which is a big no-no. In fact, some enterprising website owners have developed programs to click on the ads every few seconds. Google has been sued over this and has therefore developed ways to tell if the website owner clicks on the ads. If they do, they are immediately kicked out of the system.) Anyway, I hope you’ll bear with me here, and support the sponsors that you do agree with.

  10. thanks Liviu, amazed that you didn have flooding, but really pleased you did not:-)
    I also have been asking, Robert and others, and no ones got any news.
    the ABC aus did manage to make a TINY mention that afghanistanm has snow and avalanches, but it was a Fast!! mention in one news clip only to date.
    and that was cos a Nato? soldier went troppo and shot some civillians yeasterday, thats the only reason that area rated a mention.

  11. The snow and cold this year was/is nothing compared to what will come! I have no TV and almost never listens to the Radio. I search REAL facts and news on the internet to avoid being brainwashed by the hissing Dragon of mass-media delusions like AGW for all lesser thinking people called “sheeple”.

  12. The MSM won’t report on any of this. They are the tools of the NWO. The NWO is using global warming as a tool to bring about a one world government. What do you think UN Agenda 21 is about. One World government.

    It is very strange when you have hundreds of people dying in the Andes because of freezing weather. It is summer in the southern hemisphere. You would think people freezing to death during the summer would be all over the news. It because the people in control don’t want it out there.

    Here is a good one how many of the kids today know who Nikola Tesla was and what he did. There are a lot of adults who don’t know anything about Tesla and his inventions. The people in power don’t want us to know that he develop free energy. They couldn’t make any money with free energy,

    • Lots of folks know who Nikola Tesla was. My 12 year old just did a report on him. I checked my 16 year old’s US history book and yep he is in there. I like Tesla. I like the idea of Tesla. Problem is no one can duplicate his work. He was notorious for not fininshing things and was a horrible note taker. Additionally he was an absolutely awful business man. He had the backing of the eras richest folks and still managed to go broke. The stories surrounding him and his inventions have grown to mythical status. I am afraid thats all they are. Myths.

  13. Poland

    Poland blocks EU’s climate policy nightmare
    Out of 27 countries, only Poland has the common sense and foresight to oppose the EU’s suicidal, and ultimately utterly pointless, emissions reduction policy, guaranteed to send the bloc back to the Dark Ages.

    Poland rightly considers that allowing its population access to cheap and affordable energy is more important than politically-correct environmental posturing which will achieve nothing for the climate. Reuters is shocked:


  14. Hi, im Filip… i’ve got the fresh news from a little town in Serbia. Six hours ago i was outside on the main street when it started raining and a cold wind blowed so hard, i couldn’t see anything in front of me. After 15 minutes of walk it began to snow like i was on a mountain or something. I barely made it to my home and when i looked on my jacket i saw i huge snowflakes size of a childs fist. Everyone in the house were like…where have you been?! But it finished snowing for tonight i hope so..

  15. I know six different sites for links to FNC. (If you don´t know these sites, google: name of channel, and then: “live streaming.”


  16. I hear Bill O’Reily on Fox News whining about high oil prices which he believed were unjustified because of the mild winter in the NE part of the US. He was totally clueless as to the severe cold in eastern and southern Europe and it’s effect on oil demand.

    For more information you might check web sites that show satellite weather pictures and see if you can catch a realitively clear day, if so you should be able to see the extent of snow coverage.

  17. when my father was little he was in one of these storms he told me storys about it like they would have to dig out of the house!It seems scary,like you stuck in a house buried in snow thats like 2 stories high!

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