What happens to boiling water at -34C (-29F)? – Video

This guy throws a pot of boiling water in the air to create an impressive ice mist.

Thanks to Deb for this video

6 thoughts on “What happens to boiling water at -34C (-29F)? – Video

  1. I try to stay away from stuff like that, probably slip and burn me,but my daughter did it with a glass in 2014 and it works at -10 f. also. Looks like fireworks with steam.

  2. Lol yeah lots of things happen…like your car battery freezing (we have to plug in small heaters made for the engine block) what I find just as amazing is diesel fuel turning into a thick gel when it freezes….bubbles become rubbery and bounce at this temperature as well….maybe next winter I will post a video of some of these…I know we will get a couple nights that cold

  3. I did it a few years back at -17F in Iowa. It wasn’t as spectacular as when done at cder temps but most of the water did instantly turn to a puff of snow. Pretty cool.

    In a few years we might be able to do this in mid summer 🙂

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