Happy #$&*!? Earth Day

Happy #$&*!? Earth Day

22 Apr 13 – “Well, it’s earth day again, and here in Minnesota we are supposed to get 6 to 9 inches of global warming over the next 24 hours.”


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14 thoughts on “Happy #$&*!? Earth Day”

  1. Any time the mainstream media gets behind something as solidly as they’ve been behind earth day since it began, it’s grounds for suspicion.

  2. Earth Day. Otherwise known as Lenin’s Birthday. Created by a Radical Leftist who went on to murder his girlfriend and flee to Europe where he has lived the 1 percenter lifestyle as an eco-hero of The Left.
    No thanks. I will continue to celebrate Arbor Day (the last Friday in April) and teach my kids to be Conservationist.*

    * An Environmentalist (Left Wing) uses the Environment to further a Political goal.
    A Conservationist (Right Wing) uses the Political Process to further Environmental goals.

    • The guy you’re referring to is Ira Einhorn. According to Wikipedia, and in all fairneess, other founders of Earth Day have disputed Einhorn’s part in it’s founding. Despite years of delaying tactics, Einhorn was eventually extradited to the United States, where he was retried (he was originally tried in absentia, France wouldn’t extradite him without a new trial). Einhorn testified in his own defense that he had been framed by the CIA, but the jury didn’t buy it and convicted him again after deliberating for 2 hours. He’s now serving life in the pen without possiblity of parole.

  3. The Earth-firsters act as if the Earth is a loving and benevolent being…if only we would treat it better. Guess they’ve never been been buried by ash from an exploding volcano, among other nasty “natural disasters” that can happen.

  4. thought it was all thanks to M strong?
    who fled due to oil for food scandal and to avoid facing the music..
    Robins feathers are truly ruffled:-)

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