Happy Easter Sweden – Coldest April night since World War II

Record low temperatures and snow – Three weather records broken. 

Unseasonal cold and up to 10cm of snow in Skåne, Blekinge, Kronoberg, Halland and Kalmar.

In Örebro, the mercury dropped to -14C, making it the coldest April night since 1944, according to P4 Örebro.

In Karlstad, Sweden’s meteorological institute SMHI said temperatures reached -9C, the coldest April night since 1985.

Meanwhile, the -17C reading in Floda, Södermanland, made it the coldest night since the local weather station was set up in 1995.

It is unusual for temperatures to fall below -10C in southern Sweden during spring nights.

On Easter Sunday, southern Sweden was bracing for snow and temperatures a few degrees above zero, while the north of the country will remain below freezing.


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5 thoughts on “Happy Easter Sweden – Coldest April night since World War II

  1. You may find that records like these will be -5 to -10 C minus these values as the Scandinavia and Baltic states return to severe winter, with heavy snow forecast for the higher regions of Germany and Poland for the later part of this coming week.
    April may well be cold for most of the remaining month.

  2. Europe Cooling is comming next days, (maybe) an extreme weather in some places.
    Where is Global Warming? What is the hottest year ever?
    Stay alert…
    -The weather effects of the intrusion of cold vortex
    at high altitude….
    A vortex at 500 hPa isotherms with almost -40°C isotherms at 850 hPa at -5°C on the North Italy are not common weather events after mid April.

  3. The bright side is that maybe the invaders from warm middle eastern countries will decide its time to go back – too cold.

    • Oh you mean those really large flightless male birds, that will have German passports within three years and can then migrate anywhere in the EU.

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