Hard freeze almost a month early

Many parts of the Eastern United States dropped below freezing yesterday morning. Some areas saw a hard freeze.

According to Google, a hard freeze is a period of at least four consecutive hours of air temperatures below 25°F (below -3.9C). Many plants can survive a brief frost, but very few can survive a hard freeze.


That’s about 1 to 2 weeks before the average first freeze for the area and almost a month early for those who hit hard freeze.

These images came from the National Weather Service in Jackson, Mississippi.

I guess hard freezes coming a month early must be another sign of man-made global warming.



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6 thoughts on “Hard freeze almost a month early”

  1. Does anyone know what kind of crop damage this will have, if not yet harvested? I imagine brocolli is still out.

  2. Robert,
    You know I love your website and message. It would really help, as far as posting on FaceBook, if we had several innocuous choices of graphics with which to post. The cooling graph only aggitates people who are committed to the lie, and prevents them from seeing the facts, as they exist.

    • You’re right, the cooling graph causes people to skip past. I usually try to cut it off when I share.

  3. I delete the graph and ask people to click on the link directly.
    I think the graph probably makes people think that its a repeat of an already read link? So yes, they probably skip past it.

  4. Hello. I’m in NY and had a vege garden. Still learning here on gardening but I believe hard freeze kills everything above the ground. Root crops can still be ok, and some even do better as when the leaves die the plant stores the sugars back into the roots. Spring was tough; I had to replant most everything 3-4 times! Then short growing season and weather became nasty again. had to grab what I could; low crop yield. Then after the crops were damaged, the weather had a perfect grow period ironically. The farmers will be short on hay this year. Not enough 3 day dry spells for hay; too wet. My guess there will be cheap horses for sale later….sorry! Next summer I will plant 30-60 day crops. I don’t recommend crops for our area that require 110-120 day from seed to mature with mini ice age coming. This is just my two cents. Doesn’t hurt to be better safe than sorry.

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