Hard freeze kills 95 to 100 percent of Alsace vineyard buds – Video

Temperatures dropped to -7 ° C, reports a reader in France.

“About the frosts in different places around Europe in the last days, there have been severe frosts in France in fruit and vine too,” writes Philippe in Alsace.

“Severe losses in vine in Champagne and Chablis (despite fighting with burning fuel or paraffine in the fields ), Alsace and even in south of France in Languedoc and Provence.

“The crops had 2 weeks advance and the clear sky in the last days allowed these spring frosts. Main frost in Alsace on the early morning of 20th of april, and then on the 21st too. 5°C to 7 °C under zero on the 20th depending on the places.

Here are words from an article that Philippe sent.

Frost and negative (below-zero) temperatures have caused great damage in the vineyards of Alsace, France.

“In many places, there are 95 to 100% loss of buds,” says Gérard Schaffar, president of the Turckheim cellar in Haut-Rhin.

Here’s the article in French:

GEL MORTEL – Après quelques jours de chaleur estivale, le gel et les températures négatives ont provoqué de gros dégâts dans les vignobles d’Alsace. Il faut dire que les températures sont descendues jusqu’à -6°C dans la nuit de mercredi à jeudi. “On frise dans beaucoup d’endroits les 95 à 100% de pertes” de bourgeons, explique Gérard Schaffar, président de la cave de Turckheim, dans le Haut-Rhin.

Here’s a link to the article:

3 thoughts on “Hard freeze kills 95 to 100 percent of Alsace vineyard buds – Video”

  1. Peaches, plums, blueberries in Georgia — all wiped out.
    Apples and cherries in South Carolina — all wiped out.
    Apples, grapes, cherries, other stone fruits in Germany, Austria and other middle European countries — all wiped out.
    Wine grapes in France — all wiped out.

    There’s a pattern that’s emerging. Anyone who expects fruits to be cheap this year are kidding themselves. This situation might repeat itself over and over in years to come, which means the profitability of farmers and perhaps entire regions could be severely impacted to the point of economic default. Makes sense what Robert’s been warning about, doesn’t it?

  2. While I feel for the grape growers and all farmers growing in these challenging weather events – the French govt will not let grape growers use technology to help during frosts. In NZ we are use to unseasonable frosts and we have large wind machines across the areas to keep the frost away. Works much better than spraying water.

    • Hello Kate
      Yes wind turbines do a good job against frost but not as good as burning fuel or paraffine, or spraying water, which allow to protect when the temperature goes around 6 or 7 °C under zero.

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