Hard freeze tonight for parts of Michigan

Temperatures to drop into the mid 20s. This is “3-6 weeks earlier than normal,” says reader.


The National Weather Service in Marquette, Michigan, has issued a frost advisory

Frost advisory in effect from midnight tonight to 9 am Friday.

Hazardous weather:

* frost is expected tonight as temperatures drop into the mid 20s
to lower 30s. The coldest temperatures are expected across the
interior west half of Upper Michigan and in low-lying areas.
Temperatures near the Great Lakes should not drop below 40.


* plan on covering temperature sensitive plants or bringing them
inside if possible as they may be damaged or killed if left

Precautionary/preparedness actions:

* a frost advisory means that widespread frost is expected.


* Prepare, plan, and stay informed. Visit http://www.Weather.Gov/MQT

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According to reader H.B. Schmidt, ‘The US Drought Monitor reported this week (Aug 29 2017) that “parts of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan experienced their first freeze of the season, 3-6 weeks earlier than normal.”’

10 thoughts on “Hard freeze tonight for parts of Michigan

  1. Early frost for Michigan’s neighbor as well..north central ontario with significant population…. will have a frost warning 2 to 3 weeks ahead of average.Not much mention from pro wamist media ..other than regular local news weather.By the way ..the same regions in ontario had record late spring frosts…so cold climate shifts seem to close in from late spring to the end of summer in this part of the world. https://weather.gc.ca/forecast/public_bulletins_e.html?Bulletin=fpcn12.cwto

    • Corn very immature here in Southern Minnesota as well.(4th largest corn producing state)The 31st was the only day in August that made it to 80 degrees here.Soybeans yields wil be reduced by white mold and Sudden Death Syndrome.

  2. And this, when the climate cooling and shortening of the growing cycles has barely started in this Modern Grand Solar Minimum, in fact, rather than calling this GSM after Landscheidt after the person who correctly predicted it. The Solar community of not invented here fame, will name it after some other worthy, in a Jobs for the boys slight against a person stealing their turf and getting something right.
    However, I think it should be named after Mann as a warning to other climatologist who construct models that give the correct AGW result – that it will get warmer, and warmer, and warmer with no end, unless we do this or that, and worship the UN world government and give it lots, and lots taxes extracted for the West’s working classes.

    • Keep your eye out for any crop reports from above 46 Degrees North. That’s Canada’s prime grain belt and those rumors that have made it out claim it’s been cool and wet. China, well China don’t tell the truth on their crop reports so you need to look for China imports of grains.

  3. Here in Northern NH the temp didn’t get above 55 F. The tops of the Presidentials received a dusting of snow.
    Thats earlier than I can ever remember.

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