Harsh winter weather worsening Canada’s oil crisis

Quote from an article on zerohedge.com:

21 Feb 2018 – “The situation is going from bad to worse for Canadian producers who can’t seem to catch a break. Canadian railway operators are fighting harsh winter weather and finding it hard to supply enough cars to move both crude oil from Alberta and grain from the Prairies.”


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6 thoughts on “Harsh winter weather worsening Canada’s oil crisis

  1. Well the Canadian government wants be rid of fossil fuels so use this event as an opportunity to walk away from oil permanently. There’s always solar power or wind power or some sort of new fangled battery to run the country. Give Elon Musk a call (if you’ve got enough energy to run a cell phone or even a landline.
    This I believe is where the hypocrisy may just be called out. I doubt it though as the Liberal brainwashing of the public has been thorough & will no doubt be moved up another notch or two.
    They’ve come this far so before the whole hoax of global warming comes crashing down the final fight is still to come.

  2. Does anyone else see an ironic correlation to Atlas Shrugged?

    Now all we need is a bridge going out or an old smoker engine going through a tunnel…

  3. Our handsome devil of a Prime Minister, is trying to negotiate trade deals with the whole world, ignoring completely the fact that we can’t competently move goods among our provinces, much less foreign countries.

  4. From what I’ve seen I believe Canada had a brutal winter with temperatures way below 0 degrees Celsius even in the South for a a prolonged time.

  5. Victor what you see is a average Canadian winter.
    1970’s in central BC we broke hockey pucks in half with slap shots at 60 below, so cold the ice on the rink froze in layers and broke away when you stopped, the following summer you sank into the tarmac and left your footprint it was so hot. We also had yrs where we were lucky to have any ice on the rink.
    If your looking for proof of an ice age in BC weather your out of luck, try Anchorage who have snow piles from three yrs ago still.
    There is no Normal in a constantly changing climate.
    There have been near zero sunspots for 18 yrs, an ice age will not hit tomorrow and global warming is a myth. It’s not even a globe it effing flat.

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