Hawaii now expected to get 3 feet of snow

Ain’t global warming grand?

Hawaii’s highest peak could get another foot (30 cm) of snow tomorrow.

This is on top of the 2 feet (60 cm) that have fallen since Thursday, according to the National Weather Service.

A winter storm warning was already in effect for the summits of Mauna Loa and Mauna Kea through this evening.

“Then we’re expecting another round on Sunday and Sunday night,” said Matthew Foster, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Honolulu.


Here’s a time-lapse video of the snowfall:


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  1. You mark my words, this day and hour:

    Come 1200 EST, Jan 20, 2017, ALL these suppressed weather stories will go STRAIGHT to the Front Page, cuz they’re gonna hang it all on Trump and his White Nationalist voters!

  2. This Global Warming thing is really starting to add up. 3 feet- maybe more. Trump has not even started yet, and he has got Global Warming going in reverse without even trying. Gooo Donny!


  3. may any “elite” warmists” that thought a nice warm xmas in Hawaii was the thing…freeze their sorry butts off;-)

  4. “Ain’t global warming grand?

    So this story over at Accuweather says a weakening vortex due to lack of arctic ice is responsible.

    They don’t come outright and say it is AGW causing more cold and snow, but they do seem to want to imply it.

    Here where I live on the MI/WI border, has been not so bad so far. Glad the weather folks have been a bit off. We shall see.

  5. Kurdistan. Snowfall stops the fighting between the PKK and Turkey. By Omid Abdulkarim Ibrahim.
    Fighting between the PKK and the Turkish army stopped due to snowfall and bitter cold.
    Roudao – Dersim
    Turkish army stopped its operations in Kurdistan Turkey due to snowfall and bitter cold with the onset of winter.
    According Roudao Media Network correspondent in Dersim, Serkan Aingh, as “on Dec. 3, and with the start of snowfall in the area (Olepokazi), the processes that have been going on since last November 23, I stopped.”
    The correspondent added that “eight members of leftist Turkish organizations have lost their lives, along with the killing of two soldiers of the Turkish army, through processes that witnessed triangle (Khozat – Jmeshkzk – Baylor).”
    He continued that “the valley of Motzor saw another process, but stopped with the snowfall, and operations in Dersim received air support, and when it snows and solve the fog, have over the weak vision, which has become a reason to stop combat operations.”
    Serkan Aingh and added that “the snow level in the mountainous areas, as well as in areas Blomor, and Baylor, among others, reached 30 cm, causing the closure of roads to 300 villages, but the Roads Department wilderness so far managed to open 130 road.”
    Referred to the areas where combat operations, especially the area “Olepokazi”, considered sites for the camps of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party, and four leftist Turkish organizations.
    And because that region is immune, as they are considered the main camp of the PKK, the Turkish army is military operations in the region annually.

  6. Freeze the longest river in Turkey because of the extreme cold
    In: December 4, 2016.
    Sivas (Turkey time): snow covered parts of the river, “Kizilarmick” the longest river in Turkey because of the cold weather.
    This saw the “Kizilarmick” River, which flows from the southern slopes of Mount Kilidag town Amranla obsession in central Turkey and flows into the Black Sea from the mouth of the heavy snow Pfera days ago which led to the freezing of large parts of the river.
    In everyday life is affected in the city of Sivas down temperatures to below zero.
    Traffic in some streets of the city and cut off due to continuous snowfall intermittently for nearly three days.
    In a related development snow fell on the capital Ankara in the night hours and taken on the high parts of the city in white with the snow continues to impact.
    The cars snowblower to clean the streets of snow.
    It also caused snowfall in the higher areas of the city of low visibility for motorists.
    This issued meteorological warnings from the Turkish body form fog and Alsagaa in each of Malatya and Odeiman and Banjul and Tunjala and Alaveg.


  7. Many on this bog suggested last year that this would occur with increasing regularity. Particularly those Tropical volcanos above 10,000 ft., cooling is taking place not only at high latitudes but at high altitudes even in Tropical regions as the warm bubble around the world’s tropical region shrinks in this much energy EUV reduced Grand Solar Minimum.
    Already, the regional land temperatures and early snows are breaking the previous Dalton Records. Even in the supposedly warm Middle East winter snow is becoming a regular occurrence, with frost damage causing $millions of damage a year.
    The US should think it’s self-lucky that it had a respite from the cold winters last year due to the El Nino, with La Nina developing and this cycle closing down over the next 4 years, winters will only get worse.

    • meanwhile in the UK, all this is irrelevant as it doesn’t happen outside our front door and we are due temperatures in the mid teens Celsius this week. It’s all just ‘Foreign Johnny’ weather anyway.

  8. yep and on the first article they were trying to underestimate the importance of this. Like it wasn’t a big deal.
    But NOW it is!! Got that???

    Once again, this is how ice ages begin! Sure looks like kids in Hawaii will know what snow looks like 75 years from now.
    So much for that idiot Dave “Whiner.”
    He told us that snow would be a thing of the past years ago already.

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