Headed into an ice age?

Headed into an ice age?

Compare these two maps.

Here’s a map from the BBC showing the extent of the “Big Freeze” over North America on 8 January 2014.


And here’s a map of the extent of glaciation during the last ice age.

Extent of Glaciation during last ice age – https://iceagenow.info/2011/05/ice-age-maps/

Notice any similarities?

When someone tries to tell you that the polar vortex that hammered  so much of the United States and Canada with record-breaking low temperatures was caused by global warming, show them these maps and ask them if the last ice age was also caused by global warming.


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  1. Maybe when an ice-age kicks in what you are seeing across the pond is what happens.
    In other words: it is happening, Right now.
    Soon be our side of the Atlantic.

  2. On time.com right now, in automated display of the most popular articles amongst all subscribers today, one of the top several is an article in the archives: the ice age article they had back in the 1970s (before they went for the global warming ideology). I don’t directly see past the paywall myself, but Climate Depot notes it is one of the articles back then which pointed to the connection between global cooling and the polar vortex, rather than absurdly blaming it on global warming.

    While the bulk of recent snowfall will melt this year, relatively less will as global cooling intensifies in the future. And expansion of the albedo change caused by ice (as the boundary of where ice cover becomes permanent moves south) is a key amplification mechanism for ice age start, a powerful combo to the other climate-driving albedo change caused by variation in cloudiness (in turn tied to variation in cosmic rays).

    As a Dergachev et al 2004 paper bluntly remarks, known data seen over tens of thousands of years (and beyond) “proves that cosmic rays” (modulated particularly by variation in the sun and in Earth’s magnetic field) have been “the main factor affecting the weather and climate” (and the impact of cosmic rays is as illustrated in http://img250.imagevenue.com/img.php?image=45311_expanded_overview2_122_15lo.jpg ).

    • And if I’m not mistaken, those scientists reporting on the expected ice age also warned that there would be a ‘global warming’ period before then, which serves as a trigger.

    • I agree. What is really crazy is how that when the climate is shifting colder, the insane Global Warmists and their stooges,like governments and the military, are using Chem trails to try and deflect heat from the sun back into space, at a time when we actually need all the heat we can get! Are THEY deliberately trying to help cool down the planet with their CHEM TRAILS to kill-off the masses? After all Agenda 21 by the Elite and UN is to get rid of 95% of Earth’s population!It is also reported that some of the severe weather events have been exacerbated by HAARP and other micro-frequency weather machines.Lots of good articles on all of the above topics.

      • If there is a serious attempt to implement a plan to reduce the earth’s population by 95 percent, it is insane for a number of reasons, the most prominent being, that it would impossible to predict how such a scenario would play out. There are bound to be errors, miscalculation, unintended consequences, and factors which are presently unknown and unknowable which would influence the outcome. In addition, large organizations are NEVER monolithic, and there are always a number of cliques, subgroups, and individuals within the organization or conspiracy who have their own private agendas and see the larger organization only as a means to their own ends, not as ends within themselves, and will support the larger plan only so long as it serves their own needs.

        Another problem is this: if population is reduced the elites might have trouble maintaining the technological superiority they now possess. We know high tech is possible with the current level of population and infrastructure we now have. Some may think it is still possible at much lower population levels, but modern economics and infrastructure are so interconnected the only way to know for sure would be to reduce the population levels and see what happens, which, for obvious reasons is a rather poor and rather dangerous way to find out.

        Finally, there is the force of nature itself. We may need the ingenuity of a large population itself to cope with the coming ice age, little or otherwise. More people = more minds = more people trying to solve the problem.

  3. Actually, the Milankovich cycles–or at least the shifts in the tilt of the axis and in the eliptical orbit of the earth–suggest that, when the northern hemisphere heads into a glaciation, winter temperatures warm, but summer temperatures cool sufficiently as to allow the snow pack to remain throughout the year and turn into ice pack. In other words, if you wonder whether we are heading into a glaciation, check the summer temperatures, particularly in places like Baffin Island, where the glaciation will begin.

    • Just remember that “suggests” is theory, not necessarily factual, just as “proxies” also “suggest” conditions and do not prove them.

  4. The sun has dimmed. We are headed for a “little ice age” if we are really lucky, and a major glaciation period if we aren’t so lucky. We may be overdue for major glaciation.

    • I think it is a major.
      It isn’t the most scientific method, but if the following image is reasonably accurate:
      there are clues there as to what and the timing.
      At the mid-point in the current interglacial, right under under the caption: 9 Medieval Warm Period, there is a little double spike, like a molar tooth, below the “P” in “Period”. If you draw a line there (just under 5000 years ago)then measure each side to any rise or fall, you will see there is a kind of scary symmetry.
      Look at the “Present global warming” it too is mirrored on the other side of the line.
      Generally, befores are higher than afters as well.

      Simply: we are running out of time. FAST!

  5. I’m reading the link provided by Henry Clark.Its interesting to notice the chart of historic temperature variations copied from National Geographic in 1976. The warm and cold periods of the past 10,000 year correspond with human civilizations rising and failing. We have always thrived in warm periods and suffered during cold periods. A coming cold period will be another failure of human civilization in some yet unknown ways.

  6. Yeah I too was looking at the temperature maps the past few days and noticing that… where all the purple and blue exists is the extent of previous glaciation. So a similar weather pattern that we have just seen must have been persistent for a long period of time during last major glaciation.

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