Headed for a little ice age – Video

Forecasting Global Unrest, Famine, Mass Migration, Increased Vulcanism, Flooding.


“Some of the material in this video are questionable,” says reader Charlie C., “but they do support the supposition that we are going towards a mini Ice Age.”

“The volcanoes and earthquakes may tend to make some people think the world is heating, but that is in error. The changes show tectonics are shifting, therefore they heat and cool more rapidly. I see the temp changes and cold records for Siberia, Russia and even parts of Europe and it only validates for me that the glaciation is coming.

“In the Midwest, it was in the 50’s during the day and 30’s at night. To some people that might not be strange, yet I know we will have a major shift in temps in the week coming. I like more consistent temps, because at those times my body adjusts accordingly.

“The mass media does not help, they scramble to tell information that one or two sources give them, instead of actual research. Time to prepare and ride the wave.”

In this video, John Casey challenges “global warming propaganda.”


“A growing number of climate scientists are seeing that global temperature data no longer sows a heating trend, and that most of the global warming predictions have failed to come true,” according to his video,

The earth has actually begun a period of rapid cooling as sunspot activity has begun a downward trend, says Casey. The reality is quite different between what the warmists predicted what is really happening with our climate.

The sun is the major driver of our climate, says astrophysicist Dr Willie Soon. The idea that carbon dioxide could drive the climate “is a complete false picture.”

The Little Ice Age has been attributed to low sunspot activity.

A period of sharply lower sunspot activity – the Wolf Minimum – began in 1280 and persisted until 1350.

That was followed by a period of even lower sunspot activity – the Sporer Minimum – which lasted from 1460 to 1550.

During the period 1645 to 1715, the low point of the Little Ice Age, the number of sunspots declined to zero for the entire time. This is known as the Maunder Minimum.

That was followed by another period of well-below-normal sunspot activity – the Dalton Minimum – from 1790 to 1830.

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  1. And then well timed Chemtrailing all over the world will help to refreeze the arctic, thankfully, most of us wont remember as Aluminium Oxide in our brains will halt any chance of a memory

  2. Umm yes, and if you have the stomach to watch the inconvenient truth. Mr. Gore spends about 10 seconds explaining that Ice melted in the Arctic changing the salinity of the Atlantic. This in turn stopped the thermal haline conveyor [YOU ARE HERE ON THE MAP, today people]. This in turn caused waters off of UK to cool, and Medieval Europe experienced a MinI Ice Age.

    Add in volcanic ash for good measure and there you have it.

    Whats the temp in London today/overnight? The actual one not the published one.

  3. Thank you Robert for the posting this.
    I advocate often on the need for all of us to be mentally and physically prepared. The sun was orange/yellow in my youth ( I am 50). Today the sun appears white.

    Non synthetic clothing like wool; socks, shirts, jackets and pants are much better than polyesters and nylon because they allow the body to breathe. Communication is key, hopefully we can awaken as many people as we can….

  4. Yes, I look at these things in disbelief sometimes, meaning that they should be double checked, snow forecast for a lot of northwest MEXICO.

    Now, I know there’s some mountainous terrain there, and it probably gets cold at night. Still. What I’m saying is I can’t really comment on whether it’s normal, it could be just the relatively new national weather station that pays more attention to other places besides the East Coast.

    Also steady rain for the southeast, which they seem to say lately always needs it, though it looks like it rains there quite a lot.

    Drought monitor exaggerates, I’ve decided, and the same could probably be said for mainstream climate scientists.

  5. Now that we have a POTUS that shoots straight from fact finders and not from the HOT AIR from mouths in the likeness of Al and associates, am finding more and more clients than ever are voicing anti-global warming rhetoric! YES! Those coming still agreeing with man made global warming are being mocked, by either associates that come in with them or other customers just listening to their nonsense!
    Perhaps we may yet get so actions set in motion to curb some effects of the cold which cometh.
    With valued researchers of truth concerning the sciences behind the the cause and effects of solar cycles, of scientists in the likeness of John and Robert, and the common sense of a people loving president of the USA, we are surely turning the bow in the correct direction of which science should be concentrating proper efforts.
    Thanks for the never ending relentless work you do Robert, Thank you!

  6. “During the period 1645 to 1715, the low point of the Little Ice Age, the number of sunspots declined to zero for the entire time. This is known as the Maunder Minimum.”

    Please keep in mind that back then telescopes were small and weak devices, making it almost impossible to spot what would be considered a sunspot today. NASA cheats as well, by making official sunspots where they don’t exist. This means that what was reported then is not the same as what is reported today.

    My point is that we could be also headed for a repetition of Maunder Minimum, when it may not ‘officially’ look that way. And too, if we go by the eleven year sunspot cycle, we still have almost two more years on this current cycle #24, which began back on August 9th(I believe), 2009. We can fully well expect to see so few sunspots, up until that time, that there should be a lot of concern from the “Climate Change” people. And I can already see the shift to colder climate around the world. Too bad the AGW kooks don’t see this.

  7. WE are the choir. We who foolishly took the Red Pill, and dare to believe that the world is a sphere. A liberal friend of mine who did not know that the Green Party’s platform is the Communist Manifesto; had seen Al’s new movie. When I asked her if Al Gore had been debunked, she became FURIOUS! Sad to say; they who decry “Haters” , are themselves full of so much hatred! What’s with that??

  8. in the 2yrs ive owned new land i have been unable to access from 1/3 to half for at least 4 to 6mths of the yr due to waterlogging..this should be pretty clear to anyone passing the climates regressing to the swamp land all the lands around me were in the early settler days.
    low solar cycle points.
    im looking at short cycle crops and root vegies as staples to get by with..and grains are looking pretty risky if at all;-/

  9. The first strong frosts in European Russia- IA “Meteonovosti”

    On December 6, the Kola Peninsula was in the cold part of the cyclone. The north wind brought the air from the circumpolar areas. Murmansk region was the coldest region of European Russia.
    In Murmansk and the city of Nikel, the minimum air temperature reached -20°C, and Apatity city was -25, and on the border with Finland the first this season was -30°C, at the station Verkhnie Lotta the temperature dropped to -31.2°C in the morning.
    In the next day there will be snowfalls: the impact of a very active cyclone, which goes to Scandinavia, will affect. In the Murmansk region a strong wind of the southern quarter will rise, in some places snowstorms will be blown, and it will significantly warm up by -10 to -13°C.

  10. Actually it is possible to make a case for transient cooling up to 2050 and rapid warming from 2070 onwards, based not on carbon dioxide nonsense, but the angular momentum theories of Theodor Landscheidt, who many skeptics regard as well worth following.

    So far as I am aware, Landscheidt never turned his attention to interglacial-ice age tipping points, focussing far more on multidecadal and multicentennial drivers.

    Also, so far as I am aware, no-one has suggested that sunspots disappear for 90,000 year during ice ages and reappear during interglacials.

    More likely is a total Hale cycle filled with ‘summers without a summer’, as happened for one year in the early 19th century. Twenty years of that might well see permanent snowfields establish across Northern Canada, northern Siberia and northern Scandinavia.

    • Hi Rhys.
      For those who don’t know. Landscheidt predicted this Modern Grand Solar Minimum. Much to the shaggrin of many of the Solar Scientists. Geoff Sharp has taken Landscheidt’s work further with his paper on Angular Momentum and the Sun changing orbit around the Solar System Barycentre.
      His paper is here, as well as links to Landscheidt work.
      However, I also believe that since the opening of the Drake Passage some 2.6 million years ago the normal climate of the earth is a cold glacial climate interspaced with brief Interglacial like this stunted Modern interglacial we are coming to the end of.
      For it to end with the Glacial tipping point being reached, needs time, on the temperature tends for the last 7.5K years for at least 1 to 2K years before the tipping point is reach. However, glaciations or re-glaciation can start earlier if the thermohaline circulation is interrupted.
      Three four other activities need to be in place for a glaciation to start:
      1. The Sun in its disturbed 1500 year portion of its cycle.
      2. A major GSM like Maunder.
      3. A major volcanic eruption or several T7 and above.
      4 The orbit and progression conducive to NH cooling.

  11. And remember folk that the UN-IPCC wants (insists) that all nations be signed up to the Paris Accord on Climate Change by 2020.
    So what is so significant about 2020?
    It’s the start of solar cycle 25 and if all predictions and projects are correct it is likely to be as cool as solar cycle 24, or if the majority of solar predictions I’ve seen are right it will be only achieve a ½ to ¾ solar cycle 24 peak at the most.

    • I’ve seen predictions that the solar max during SC25 is likely to be no higher than 55 major WOLF sized spots, with the solar output curve following a flattened hump and lasting 17 years rather than the 11 year steep spike and slow decline to the next minimum that science has recorded since Maunder.
      What’s more important is the Gleissberg sequence of 6 solar cycles similar to the period 1870 to 1945 which will follow SC25. This extended cooling period will certainly put paid to the consensus theory of human induced climate change. Gore needs to be impeached for the fraud he has perpetrated against the world for the last 25 years.
      The idiots in charge of the western economies are still committing mass vandalism by destroying existing Coal plants by putting them beyond use. The Energy civilisation will need every Watt of power we can produce over the next 50 old years, otherwise its back to the Dark Ages, in saying so that may well be the UNs objective

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