Headed for lowest solar activity in four centuries – Video

“The primary concern is famine.”

We appear to be headed for conditions similar to the Maunder Minimum, says this video from Suspicious0bservers. This low in solar activity comes after what was likely the highest solar activity in the last 3,000 years.

Here are a few observations from the video:

The primary concern is famine.

  • In the 1630s, two million people died due to famine in India.
  • At about the same time, huge portions of Europe developed famines, including Poland, Ireland, England, France.
  • In the early 1660s, India went two years without a single drop of rain.
  • In 1680, famine killed 80,000 people in Sardinia.
  • A famine in the 1690s killed 15 percent of the Scottish population.
  • Two million dead in France during that same period.
  • During the same decade, more than 100,000 peopole died in Sweden and Estonia.
  • At the turn of the century, two million more people died of famine in India.
  • Just a few years later, Eastern Prussia lost 40 percent of its population to famine.

Look at the chart in this video to see how quickly the climate changed. We are currently experiencing changes even faster than those.

The harsh winters like 2010 in Europe, or 2013 in North America, will become more prevalent, the video continues.

This brings up some important questions.

  • How long before travel and commerce are interrupted?
  • How long before agriculture suffers like it did 400 years ago?
  • How long before the plagues and disease that come with famine rise again?

Links from Suspicious Observers Website

Chilly Temps in Maunder Minimum:

The Recent Solar Maximum:

Chilly 17th Century:

Choudhuri 2013:

Sunspot Number:

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Thanks to Andrew Stranglen and Larry Kraig for this video

17 thoughts on “Headed for lowest solar activity in four centuries – Video”

  1. The first place that I head every morning is to the suspicious observers You Tube channel. Ben makes daily posts 7 days a week before I even have my first cup of coffee. I am also a subscriber and member to his website. There is some fascinating discussed on this channel. I highly recommend it.

    • Just picked up on that channel today.. pretty awesome video that I am sharing everywhere I can!

  2. you did not mention the likely human reaction to such climatic activity – famine would lead to warfare as nations scrambled for food for their people – add in the threat of volcanic activity closing airspace and suddenly the world is a very different place indeed – mass migration too. Add a disease like Ebola into the mix too, it’s a real threat to mass public health

    • uh huh, Read somewhere the usa govt plans to move folks to aus, n sth africa if yellowstone blows.
      reckon they might need to ASK us about that.

  3. There of course differences between then and now. Significantly higher CO2 levels are huge help for plant drought tolerance and growth. Farming practice and seed has been revolutionized. On the other hand, population has kept pace, so any negative change will be big trouble. And, “We’re from the government, we’re here to help,” is the modern idiot politician and bureaucrat’s mantra. That in itself is worse than any drought.

  4. Quick, using regression based on curve fitting the empirical weather data with historical records and what do you get? Mr. Maunder greeting you at the door to the next Ice Age…

  5. “In the 1630s, two million people died due to famine in India.”
    “In the early 1660s, India went two years without a single drop of rain.”

    This certainly dispels the myth that the Little Ice Age was limited to only Europe. One can merely guess at the numbers of starving or dead in other countries and continents throughout the world.

    Although the AGW mob claim CO2 will warm the planet, the small quantities of CO2 (400ppm) is not the cause of the warming. Furthermore, many scientists of the early 1800’s calculated atmospheric CO2 around a values of 320 to 430 ppm with 3% accuracy. Obviously, CO2 did not stop the cooling back then. See: http://www.anenglishmanscastle.com/180_years_accurate_Co2_Chemical_Methods.pdf

    Of course, the AGW mob dismiss all old values and claim a much lower value of 292 in 1880, so that it fits their famed “Hokey Stick”. Funny! I don’t remember seeing a 17 year pause in “Hokey Stick Graph”, do you?

    The reality is that CO2 will have little, if any, effect on cooling or warming, as we all shall see if the near future.

    Personally, I am prepping for cooling (Little Ice Age). I suggest others investigate survival methods, stock long term food, start growing your own food, and band together with other cooling believers before it is too late.

  6. This video is amazing in that it capsulates the essence of the sun’s influence on our planet. The IPCC is a corrupt & mendacious group of tarradiddlers, not scientists. We will press on with the fight to educate the public that they are being conned on climate change.

  7. reading about what happened last time makes it scary as serious cooling is coming and i’m speculating another brutal winter.

    luckily, man has the abilities now to counter some of it with improved food growing and being able to grow foods without the suns help; but unfortunately we’re in for some tough years because of everything man has done like keeping the myth that your car is doing it and putting food (corn) in your gas tank.

    i do fear that there’s going to be some serious starvation particularly in the 3rd world when the 1st world cant produce the amounts of food because of the shortened growing seasons that are already here.

  8. The good news is that with cheap, plentiful energy and modern technology, we could, with a massive, all out effort, transfer a large part of our agriculture to ‘hot houses’. Also, unlike the historical examples above, modern transportation made possible by cheap, plentiful energy, enables us to transfer food from the places which have it to the places which need it.

    The bad news is that western governments, in particular that of the current administration in the US, appear to be doing everything within their power to restrict the supply of energy and raise its cost as high and as rapidly as they can manage.

    With power reserves being drawn down by government fiat at a rate that terrorists with a visceral hatred of the US could only dream of achieving, it doesn’t bode well for our ability to cope with ANY widespread emergency.

    A Maunder Minimun type ‘cold snap’ would certainly be one example.

  9. Though famine will be a huge factor, realize that first you have to survive the cold before you can starve to death. The attack on energy is going to be the primary killer in the northern latitudes. It will intensify the starvation in that cold requires more energy – including food – for survival. We have a world governmental process that seems intended to eliminate millions, perhaps billions of people, not to save the planet for future generations.

  10. I find it interesting that apparently the Australian aboriginal people have been in Australia for anything from 40,000 – 60,000 years yet there is no indication in their history of any glaciation being recorded – either in paintings or oral history.

    One would think if there had been glaciers in Australia during the last ice age the inhabitants would have recorded it in stories and paintings.

    The aboriginals were in a unique position, along with tropical Africans and other tropical countries, as Australia is a low lying continent with little snow cover even during a very cold winter – unlike the conditions faced by primitive peoples in the northern hemisphere.

    Hopefully this is good news for Australians in the event of a coming ice age – or bad news if you don’t like migrants.

    • No glaciation periods in Australia during the time of humans.
      Last glaciation was the Permian,
      Australia is the oldest continent. It hasn’t changed much for a billion years or two. The Kimberleys are pretty much the same ones since they have existed – A few billion years.

      By contract the American Rockies and Appalachian mountains have come and gone many times

  11. A quote from John Wyndhams “The Kraken Wakes”: “find yourself a self-sufficient hill farm and fortify it!”.

    We know what’s coming and should prepare for it.

    The sheeple can wait for their governments to appeal for calm and remain at home waiting for help!

  12. Two big differences: world trade in food now (good) and much, much larger population now (bad). This means that countries with plenty of money or goods to trade will be able to buy food, but countries with little will suffer. Best bet: grow your own food, since the food that is available will be more expensive. Also, produce some of your own energy (solar, wind, firewood), since energy will be more expensive in a colder world.

  13. Saint Al of the Gore: you WILL pay a carbon (icicle) tax for global warming (cooling) based on phoney-baloney climate science to my completely tax-free, off-shore multinational corporation, or else “al Qaeda” is going to come and privatize your town.

  14. Grow hemp anywhere you can. Non THC hemp is mega protein with the perfect mix of efa and vitamins. Twice the protein of most meats.

    Could have ended world starvation if harry ansliger and the vested interests who got him into the Narcotics bureau job and get all cananbis in THC and non THC versions classed wrongfully as narcotic in the 1961 convention stopping trade in 1455+ countries so instead we have poor quality food grown with lots of chemicals with too many chemicals in it.

    Go on look up hemp as food source

    Has helped starve and kill 150 million people since 1961. You thought the Nazi’s were bad.

    + if we followed Henry ford we would have had an ethanol future. Hemp is one of many amazing ethanol sources 7600 L per acres, forget what stupid agri business is doing with corn (800L) an acre.

    Instead we get oil wars , led and pollution. We did not need a drop of shit oil that hurts engines which could last 2-3 times longer with clean bio fuels. 35000L of ethanol from using a weed in an acre of sewerage. Listen to David Blume, oil out of the ground is con and lie. But look who started the oil industry.


    THE LIES ARE REALLY BIG IN SO MANY PLACE and sad to say in front of you, if you care to look.

    BY the way marijuana distilled oil and juicing it cures cancer and so much more see on YOUTUBE RickSimpson and Kristen Courtney run from the re and Leaf



    Big money in our drug based medicene has killed 10’s of millions of your friends and relatives when so many cures exist.

    Maybe they know its going to freeze like hell and knockoff a load of people and we are running in the opposite direction.

    If you look at the horrors in history we have done to each other, maybe go and listen to Richard Dolan on the breakaway civilsation. Love to know what you think

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