Headed for a major glaciation?

“It is very likely that we are towards the end of a short warm period between major glaciations,” writes Mario Loyola on Forbes.com. 

“Most people don’t realize that the last 9,000 years have been uncharacteristically stable compared to the violent climate changes in the 9,000 years before that,” says Loyola.

“18,000 years ago, the state of Wisconsin was under nearly two miles of ice. Average temperatures were 40 degrees Farenheit lower than they are today, when they suddenly began to soar.

“The glaciers that covered most of the northern hemisphere started melting away, and never stopped melting. Ocean levels rose 300 feet between 15,000 and 8,000 years ago; that’s less time than between Sumerian civilization and the present day.

See entire, entitled: “Is Anything Wrong With Natural, Non-Man-Made Climate Change?”



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  1. For some reason I cannot open this link.
    I have tried going to Google and even from Google it won’t open.

  2. when for most people the past/history becomes what was on season one of some idiotbox show and they dont know their own immediate geography let alone global past events more than th last storm or hot/cold day…
    its making it easy for warmist agitproppers to keep em in a state of fear and ignorance

  3. The cataclysm that occurred 75,000 years ago, when Mount Toba in Sumatra erupted as a Super Volcano, sent the entire planet into a full Ice Age that lasted 60,000 years. During that period of full Ice Age glaciation sea level worldwide dropped by three to four kilometers lower than it is today. Our distant ancestors were living in areas that are now three to four kilometers under the oceans. The end of that full Ice Age glaciation was recorded in the Bible as the Great Flood of Noah when sea level became as we have it today. That dramatic rise in sea level would have occurred about 15,000 years ago. Since then we are living in this relatively Warm Interglacial Period. All of recorded human civilization has occurred during the past 15,000 years of relatively warm weather. Scientists at the University of Bristol in the British Isles are telling us that Super Volcano eruptions occur much more often than previously thought and that we are very likely to experience another Super Volcano sooner rather than later. The earth spends 95% of its geological history in full Ice Age mode. Being in full Ice Age mode is therefore normal. Meaning that our present relatively mild Warm Interglacial period is very not normal.

    • Neil,
      Most estimates of the drop in sea level during the previous Glaciation event are 130M to 200M and not 3 to 4 kilometers.
      Because water expands as it freezes, yes you can have 2 Km of ice over time ontop of Wisconsin or the UK for that matter.
      For example .5″ of rain will generate 4″ of wet snow, or nearly a 1ft or more of powder.

  4. I do not usually post other peoples work on sites like this. Some of the material in this video are questionable, but they do support the supposition that we are going towards a mini Ice Age. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6v66SPTYqF0

    The volcanoes and earthquakes may tend to make some people think the world is heating, but that is in error. The changes show tectonics are shifting, therefore they heat and cool more rapidly. I see the temp changes and cold records for Siberia, Russia and even parts of Europe and it only validates for me that the glaciation is coming.
    In the Midwest, it was in the 50’s during the day and 30’s at night. To some people that might not be strange, yet I know we will have a major shift in temps in the week coming. I like more consistent temps, because at those times my body adjusts accordingly.
    The mass media does not help, they scramble to tell information that one or two sources give them, instead of actual research. Time to prepare and ride the wave.

  5. “Climate alarmists generally don’t know any of this because they’re not really afraid of climate change. What they’re afraid of is fossil fuels.”

    This is an irrational fear. But even if fossil fuels were a problem there are other ways of obtaining or producing usable energy.

  6. “But even if fossil fuels were a problem there are other ways of obtaining or producing usable energy.”

    Not Really! It is hard to overstate how much poverty and starvation there would be without fossil power.

    Electricity is just a small part of the equation. Battery technology is still many years away from being able to do the heavy lifting.

    • Thanks for that, knew about the weight of ice depressing land but the idea it can create a tectonic split was totally new to me.

  7. I’ve tried all the links and every time I get”Safari cannot open page”
    is the problem with Apple Macs ?

  8. re volcanos
    a report i foolishly didnt bookmark or read(too tired) said theyd found a significant warming of a magma?pool under the UK

    anyone else seen it can send it to Robert?
    damned if i can remember where i was at the time;-(

  9. Fossil fuels are not a problem, except that they are in finite supply, and if / when the next ice age comes we’re going to need all the solar, wind, and nuclear we can get.

    British Petroleum recently estimated that the known petroleum reserves can maintain current production to only circa 2050, that’s just 33 years.

  10. Go to “Wikipedia / Paleoclimatology” – see the illustration of the last 500,000,000 years of constant climate change.

    There have been hundreds of cycles of global warming / cooling over the last 50,000,000 years at intervals of about 100,000 years, long cooling eras, short warm eras.

    And the long term trend is cooling, so it seems likely that the world will end in ice.

  11. The Great Flood is a factual event. Robert Ballard, an underwater archaeologist, found four hundred feet below the surface of the Black Sea the ancient shoreline of an isolated freshwater lake surrounded by farmland. The Mediterranean was held back by a finger of a land mass near Istanbul, which collapsed from the massive water pressure.
    The flip side of that, is without the prior major glaciation causing hundreds of feet of sea level drop, the greatest migration events would never have happened. The ancient peoples of Asia, Africa and Europe utilized island hopping crossing open waters chasing food resources.
    However for the modern day human, I don’t see a benefit coming from even a small glaciation event. It could be that we are going to become the next extinct species.

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