Heathrow cancels dozens of flights due to ice and snow

27 Dec 2017 – Dozens of flights in and out of London’s Heathrow airport have been cancelled after snow and ice plunged parts of Britain into a deep freeze.

The wintry weather left thousands of homes without power and drivers facing travel chaos across the country.


Up to 300 passengers were left waiting at London’s Stansted airport to rebook flights

Airport spokespersons said the passengers would be provided beds and blankets, and thate free food and drink had been given to delayed passengers throughout the day.


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4 thoughts on “Heathrow cancels dozens of flights due to ice and snow”

  1. ‘Your children will never now the meaning of Snow.’ To that I say: “Coming sooner than you think, your children will never know what it was like to go without the Winter Frost Fair on the River Thames”. LOL.

  2. Your children will never know warmth ,and green plants, and running in fields of flowers……………….

  3. I am normally a strong supporter of the views here but this is not a good case to highlight. For an Englishman it is a toal embarrassment. I live in London and the snow did not settle at all and it is just pathetic that the airport was closed. If this is how the country is going to react to even an inch of snow falling (further north) everyone will starve to death as they will be too scared to even go and buy food which they will have to do as they have no idea of how to grow anything. If you come to the UK you will see that over half of the gardens are concreted over and peole cant grow weeds.

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