Heathrow cancels hundreds of flights as snow moves in

Hundreds of flights from Heathrow and a string of sporting events cancelled as what is predicted to be heavy snow begins falling across the country.

By Saturday afternoon, snow had hit parts of the Midlands, Manchester, South Wales and the south east.

Some regions – including Cumbria, Lincolnshire, East Anglia, North Yorkshire, the Peak District and the Midlands – are expected to see a 15cm dumping of snow, but many regions will get between 5cm and 10cm.

Temperatures have also fallen to below the average for the time of year, with the mercury dropping to minus 12.4C in South Newington, Oxfordshire on Friday night.



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4 thoughts on “Heathrow cancels hundreds of flights as snow moves in”

  1. —honestly, it’s pathetic! A couple of inches of snow and you’d think it was the end of the world. Heathrow has some sort of excuse for cancelling flights because they are 99% full for take off/landing and one stalled flight would back up the rest and create chaos: better to cancel a few and give the rest more time to do their stuff.

    But here in the south, near Heathrow, there’s very little snow, perhaps an inch or so, and it’s melting rapidly, so for heaven’s sake….

    How does everyone else cope with 10 or 20 feet????

  2. Three inches of snow shuts down one of the biggest international air terminals in the world—–WTF!
    Maybe if GB spent more money on snow removal equipment and wasted less money on preventing climate change they wouldn’t be in this fix.

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