Heathrow spends £32m ($49 million) prepping for snow chaos

Must be that Heathrow is expecting more global warming this winter.

29 Sep 2011 – Heathrow operator BAA today announced that it is investing £32.4 million (US$49 million) to deal with bad weather this winter, including tripling the number of vehicles available for snow clearance.

Heavy snow the Saturday before last Christmas led to near-closure of the airport and thousands of passengers had to camp out.

Heathrow has also increased staff available for snow clearance from 117 to 468 per shift and introduced a new “reservist” role, with up to 950 non-operational staff deployed to terminals to help passengers.


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8 thoughts on “Heathrow spends £32m ($49 million) prepping for snow chaos”

  1. Ha, a move in the right direction but knowing the past excuses it’ll probably be the ‘wrong’ type of snow when it does fall!!

  2. It’s that dang global warming. The hotter it gets, the more it snows..!

    Now we know where the phrase “snowin’ like he##,” came from.

  3. Yep it’s getting colder every year ^_^ Even here in Chas, SC it’s already 45 F this morning – just Oct.2nd – down from the 80’s 2 days ago. I already had to heat up my house !

  4. Hi Everyone. Here’s some information on what will happen the rest of October: http://twitpic.com/6tv08c from Piers Corbyn – especially for thos ewho say he never gives anything away for free! For those that say his forecasts are inaccurate, are you sure you are reading them REALLY carefully, including the explanatory notes? As an example of how easy it is to misinterpret Pier’s forecast details, here’s a recent comment on http://www.weatheraction.com/displayarticle.asp?a=383&c=5 “I received a raging email (some years ago) saying “You said it was going to pour with rain but here in Devon it was really dry (then a few lines of bile)” . I pointed out that our forecast video had said it would be generally wet in the north for that month and there would be important contrasts across UK and the detailed forecast listed Devon explicitly in the dry part.” Pier’s forecasts are very detailed – I find that an advantage, but they do require careful reading to fit all that detail together for you own location. Plus reading the qualifying notes to make sure your interpretation is realistic. Be interesting to see his November forecast – will that be when winter starts for us? Best wishes, Nick

  5. Thanks to the global “warming” we have trains here in Sweden made for the climate of southern Europe. Guess what happened these past two winters?, they said we can expect train-problems this winter too. And what happened to the “green winters”. Now they are blaming these white winters on a “very warm baltic sea”. Their greenie-lies knows no limit. Hope they buy enough road-salt this year at least.

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