Heaven and Earth: Global Warming, the Missing Science

By Ian Plimer – “Read this book. Read it carefully. Then read it again. Open your mind to theories that challenge orthodoxy, or you become nothing more than a shrill evangelist, jumping up and down on the spot, yelling “LA LA LA LA LA!” whilst holding a finger firmly in each ear.” -Reader’s review

Heaven and EarthHeaven and Earth: Global Warming, the Missing Science

By Ian Plimer

“A very powerful, clear, understandable, and extremely useful
book . . . (Plimer) convincingly criticises the UN, the IPCC,
and U.S. politicians, as well as Hollywood show business celebrities. He strictly distinguishes science from environmental activism, politics, and opportunism.”
-Vaclav Klaus, President, the European Union

Print version: ($15.45) Kindle version ($14.68):


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“I can’t begin to describe how powerful this book is. It destroys so many myths about so-called global warming. I’ve marked portions of almost every other page where I want to go back and read his arguments again. And then again.”
– Robert Felix, author of Not by Fire but by Ice

Ian Plimer twice winner of Australia’s highest scientific honor, the Eureka Prize, is professor of geology in the School of Earth and Environmental Sciences at the University of Adelaide and is author of six other books written for the general public in addition to more than 120 scientific papers. He is a strong independent thinker (to put it mildly).

Here’s one review:
Ian Plimer’s brave book challenges the climate-change fundamentalism that blinds so many otherwise intelligent people. Indeed, Plimer contends that the entire beat-up serves to fill the spiritual emptiness that pervades the western world. Plimer exposes the “experts” of the IPCC as self-serving, deluded, extremist environmental activists, and reveals the scientific consensus on climate-change as being tenuous at best.

Also see Professor Plimer’s book “How to get expelled at school: A guide to climate change for pupils, parents and punters”

How to Get Expelled From School

14 thoughts on “Heaven and Earth: Global Warming, the Missing Science”

  1. Winter 1988 read the Doctors Quarterly Journal. Within from the most prominent doctors that had access to most advanced labs reporting on AIDS stated that the virus was NOT a natural occurance presented to man! Only 2 nations known to them at the time had the labs available to create such a virus, Russia and the United States.
    A friend have know for years now who works in the medical field approached me several weeks ago and stated that it would blow my mind how many patients are coming into the facility with said virus. No sir it would not I replied, for I have been tracking this since it’s inception.
    The governments of the World have been promoting promiscuous and homosexuality for years now with virtually no warnings of the implications.
    The numbers are quite astounding given the World population! IF the life saving drugs now available to their subjects were to be withheld one could only imagine the quantity of caskets required. Saddened, he was shaking his head almost uncontrollably while walking away!!
    So what are the implications of the non-cure drug being removed from the populations of the WORLD.

    OMG have mercy on us.
    This virus would undeniably become air born.

    This is just 1 of many that left unchecked would become uncontrollable and conquer the known world.

    My oh my what a world we live.

    I remember when the black consensus was that it was a white conspiracy to eliminate the world of their race. How ironic I thought at the time for the press to institute racial hatred! And believe it or not a lot of people bought into it. WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO THE WARNINGS!! WHY ARE THEY PROMOTING DEVIATIONS WHICH WILL MAKE MILLIONS MORE PRONE TO THESE INFECTIONS!! :{


      • Sorry Bk, sincerely.

        Forgot to add for your knowledge that when the cold hits, not just the northern hemisphere but the southern as well, if people affected by this terrible disease have no access to food will they have access as well to their life saving drugs? Not just these but any kind of illness people have that require treatment or drugs.

        so sorry BK

    • You seem to be in need of professional help and I sincerely hope that you receive it soon, but what the heck does that have to do with this page, Mr/Ms MOST SINCERELY. PS, typing Most Sincerely in all caps does not make anyone else think you are sincere. Just a thought.

      • Mr to Kim Courter(ms/mr),

        Don’t worry, I probably know more professionals then you will meet in your life time. They know I am sincere in my beliefs even though some of us may have different belief systems. My sister is a licensed psychologist and works for human services. She knows Kim, believe me she knows the truth!

        but what the heck does that have to do with this page,. Please posting above to DK.

        Glad to see that at least you have thoughts, did not intend to step on your toes.


  2. Yes this is an excellent book – be warned that if you cite any of it in letters to the papers, you’ll be shot down by denigrators who believe that anything contrary to what they believe is automatically written by crooks!

    Regards Ant

  3. I have the book, signed by the author. It should be required reading by all politicians in every country in the world and all the dumb followers of AGW. It is my bible these days and I use it constantly as a reference book. The geological history of the planet is truly awe inspiring as is the compendious knowledge of the author.

  4. I have Ian Plimer’s “Heaven and Earth” as a constant coffee table book, within reach as required.
    To read and appreciate the work, you should have your computer handy to use the extensive reference links. (a few are now invalid links)
    A companion volume is Ian Plimer’s “How to Get Expelled from school” a guide to climate change for pupil’s, parents & punters. A bit lighter to read , but full of facts, with some tongue-in-cheek comments.
    The science is definitely not settled.

  5. Plimer’s book has stirred up a hornets nest of vitriol, and really ugly personal criticism.

    I am going to enjoy reading his book.

  6. I grabbed it soon after release, and then got the local Librarian to buy it as well:-)
    To show the utter hypocrisy of the ABC media govvy owned here..
    those Eureka prizes were an ABC promoted science award.when Prof Plimer was on air and mentioned/interviewed, a certain Science show R williams presenter was all over the good Prof like a rash, as he is with anyone with any stature in any science field.(brown nosing quite frankly)
    as soon as Prof Plimer stated that CO2 AGW was a non event and proved it beyond doubt that many previous events disprove the Anthropogenic part let alone the rest.
    Prof Plimer was refused airtime his work is denigrated and ridiculed and hes now a nasty nasty Big Oil paid denier..
    funny that! he worked for oil exploration companies as the highly qualified eminent geologist he is!! before he did the Eureka stuff too. seems it was ok then but not now?
    if you dont have it. BUY IT .
    best money you will spend:-)

  7. Robert (or anyone with the book), is the book suitable for kindle? I mean does it have a lot of graphs and charts that may be difficult to refer to in some of the kindle formats? I much prefer using my kindle, but have found it sometimes unsuitable for viewing graphic information.

    Thanks for the feedback. Kim Courter

    • I just counted. 18 graphs in the first 200 pages, but I don’t think they’re at all critical to understanding the book. However, the book has TONS of footnotes. Does Kindle handle footnotes well? The book is 500 pages long.

      • Thanks so much Robert. No, kindle doesn’t handle footnotes well. Unless I just haven’t figured out how to use it, (quite possible) I have to wait until the end of the book to read the footnotes. I have learned to adapt, but it can be cumbersome. I think I’ll pick up the hard copy. Thanks again!
        Kim Courter

  8. I’ve just spotted the following book by Ian Plimer on Amazon, which looks rather fun…

    How to Get Expelled From School – A guide to climate change for pupils, parents and punters [Kindle Edition]
    Ian Plimer (Author)

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