Heaviest May Snowfall on Record in New Hampshire

Mt. Washington received a record breaking 33 inches of global warming over Mother’s Day weekend.


This weekend’s storm broke a couple weather records, including the largest snowfall for a single day in May, said Chris Kimble, a National Weather Service meteorologist.

“In 1967, 22.2 inches fell, and this weekend we got 22.9 and counting,” Kimble said.

So far, over 45 inches of snow have fallen at the observatory this month.

Other areas in New Hampshire also got snow, but not as much — from 3 to 9 inches, he said.

See: https://www.bostonglobe.com/metro/2017/05/15/washington-gets-recordbreaking-snowfall-mass-prepares-for-heat/nUs9dljFvrrd7OyOMPdzbN/story.html


Thanks to Clay Olson and J Bird for this link

“Note how they attempt to minimize this news by talking about the warm temperatures coming in the forecast,” says J Bird


9 thoughts on “Heaviest May Snowfall on Record in New Hampshire

  1. My son works for the Concord Monitor… which I believe is the main newspaper for New Hampshire. The Monitor also is affiliated with 2 smaller local newspapers in that area, one in Lebanon NH the other in Greenville, MA.

    And it just so happens the owners and editors of the Monitor are very, very liberal… so I am not surprised to hear they take the liberal head-in-the-sandd attitude. Not a peep out of any of my family in NH complaining about late snows, although one of my brother’s girlfriend who lives there but spent most of her adult life in CA is complaining.

  2. Looks like the ice age cycle is right on track as snow records intensify each year……

  3. typical idiots again. The East will naturally warm up after Mother’s Day when heavy snowfall and cold returns to the Rockies stupid! They forget when a deep trough deepens over that area you get a ridge over the East this week. Somehow these idiot reporters left the most important part out. They’re just as retarded as they used to be 25 years ago. Or are they too scared to mention this because they know that their credibility is dead and rapidly sinking further?? Those are the same people who told us that snow was going to be a thing of the past in mid winter by now……

  4. Mt. Washington received a record breaking 33 inches of global warming over Mother’s Day weekend.” Sounds good Robert.
    The Mt. Washington on Vancouver Island had some snow recently but not as much. I sent a video and pictures via email taken during a personal visit. It will take a while for spring to arrive in mountainous areas this year.

  5. Dragon ice traps crab fishermen’s boats in warming Arctic Oceans
    Dragon ice is a form of ice pancakes stacking on top of each other during prolonged gale force wind events. This was captured by research scientists from New Zealand on an expedition to Antarctica. Crab fishermen are asking for compensation as heavy ice delayed their season by several weeks due to huge icebergs and thick ice stretching for miles. New article explains the worlds oceans are warming 13% faster than thought, although the Atlantic, Pacific, Arctic and Antarctic all show cooling. Interesting.

  6. Record breaking snow – not relevant.

    When the snow melts in July/August, that will be relevant as it proves global warming.

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