Heaviest snow in Naples in 50 years

The mayor of Naples advised residents ‘only to leave their homes if strictly necessary’. All of Naples’ schools were closed and trains out of the city were cancelled or delayed for hours.

Photos show front-end loaders shoving the snow off the roads.

Naples is about 135 miles (218 km) southeast of Rome.

Meanwhile, four inches of snow fell on Rome in just a few hours. Priests and seminarians from the Vatican threw snowballs at each other, students skied down the Oppian Hill., and Italian authorities called in the army to help clear the streets.

It was Rome’s heaviest snowfall for the end of February in decades.



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  1. Got a preliminary eyewitness report of snow in Los Angeles Hills, not mountains, like Hollywood. Don’t see anything on radar now, probably the previous storm. This next one won’t be any warmer, and looks more drenching so far, nothing to sneeze at, though they probably will.

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