Heavy rainfall brings UK wheat harvest to ‘shuddering halt’

More difficult to use combine harvesters in the fields.

August’s wet weather has brought this year’s wheat harvest to a “shuddering halt” for farmers outside the south-east of England, said Guy Smith, deputy president of the National Farmers’ Union.

I’m not sure this is something to worry about because earlier hot weather allowed farmers in the south-east to begin harvesting earlier. “Yields seem to be above average” and “the price is significantly on the slide … because of a heavy harvest.” 

Looks to me like some farmers will be hurt, but others scored.

Smith said 60% to 70% of the UK’s wheat is harvested between August and September.


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6 thoughts on “Heavy rainfall brings UK wheat harvest to ‘shuddering halt’”

  1. The weather-forecasts for the coming couple of weeks are looking quite reasonable .No reason for panick here ,please move on and look to a different side . The european Union is expecting crop-outputs below the normal average . This may have a real impact .

  2. big machinery doesnt work well on soft soils
    old days smaller units wouldnt have the issues they do now.

  3. Where I live In the South-East there are some fields that have been harvested and some that haven’t as yet. Can’t think it will be much longer before they harvest.

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