Heavy snow blocks Iraq-Iran path

In those mountains up to 70 cm (27½ inches) of snow has fallen.

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My special thanks to you for placing the article from the Christian Science Monitor about the victims of the Iran earthquake on your website.

Here is what seems at first to be just a trivial article local Kurdish news about a mountain road in the border area between Iraq (Marivan) and Iran (Baneh) being blocked by snow.

In those mountains up to 70 cm (27½ inches) of snow has fallen. This is pretty close to the mountain area in the northwest of Iran where these 100.000 people are still living in tents. I seem to be one of the few people who cares about their fate.

Heavy snowfall blocking the Marivan – Baneh road tells us an important story that the MSM keeps quiet about.

Heavey snow blocks Marivan- Baneh path

Heavey snow in the recent days blocked Baneh- Marivan road, Paveh Transportation Office Chief told Kurd press news agency.

“Due to recent falls in the last days, Paveh to Marivan road in Tata ghat has been blocked,” Ibrahim Shahriari said, adding that the way had been blocked two times in last two months.

He further added snow height has arrived 70cm (27½ inches) in some mountainous regions.


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  1. The climate worldwide is getting colder, period. That’s what the facts are telling us.
    What the GW fascists say or not is simply not important anymore. Not even politicians believe them, as their claims are not based on facts and it was proved by the failure of the Doha summit
    If the present trend continues, more and more people independently of political mindset will soon reach this same conclusion.

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