Heavy snow brings transport chaos across Europe

More than 900 flight cancellations and delays in Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands and the U.K.

About 400 flights were cancelled at Schiphol – one of Europe’s biggest airports – about 200 in Brussels, and more than 300 at Frankfurt airport, the busiest in Germany.

In Germany the heavy snow caused many car crashes and traffic jams, as well as train delays.

In the UK, dozens of flights were cancelled at Heathrow, road conditions were treacherous in many areas, thousands of homes lost power, and hundreds of schools were shut.


Snow also caused travel disruption in northern Italy, and forced closure of schools in Liguria, Piedmont and Tuscany.


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7 thoughts on “Heavy snow brings transport chaos across Europe”

  1. It’s all probably been caused by a combination of Brexit, Donald Trump & the new agresive Mad Vlad Putin. Nothing to do with global cooling of course!!

  2. SO, Imagine this next year, but starting around November 12……Then, extrapolate out to January and February…..and extend the snowing into May………this is almost fun.

  3. Well……so much for GW!
    Especially with three feet of snow for Turkey and record snow in deep southern US in early December along with record snow and ice south of the tropic of cancer in Mexico…

    For those who still believe in climate warming, it will not happen in your lifetime. The next interglacial warm period will be in about 12,000 years from now. You will have to wait awhile.

  4. If I had to guess, I’d also say somewhere from Switzerland to Slovenia, though impossible telling where they were actually travelling, the Europe highway delays are independently corroborated, though.

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