Heavy snow for Brooks Range, Alaska Range

WINTER weather advisory. 

10 June 2015 – “Visitors to Denali National Park may get more than they bargained for today,” says the (Fairbanks) New Miner.

The National Weather Service in Fairbanks has issued a winter weather advisory for the area.

Meteorologists estimate the park will receive 4 to 8 inches of snow.


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1 thought on “Heavy snow for Brooks Range, Alaska Range

  1. The article describes this as “not completely unusual” but it should be put into context. Alaska has been the favorite punching bag of meteorologists and climate change activists for fear it’s going to melt away and release all the tundra methane. It’s also been persistently warmer than much of the CONUS for the past several winters. June is not the time Alaskans want to be experiencing cold conditions and snow, especially as we’re only 10 days away from the summer solstice. Surely this must be a fluke because our planet only gets warmer from fossil fuel use, right?

    . . . . . right?

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