Heavy snow headed for Colorado

The storm currently dumping heavy rain and snow on the northwest will slowly move to the south during the next few days.

The first round of snow should hit the southern San Juan mountains and west-central mountains on Tuesday night into Wednesday.

Colorado will see the heaviest snowfall on Thursday, when snow levels should drop to around 5,000 feet for most areas. The snow could fall into the lower valleys, potentially into metro Denver and the eastern plains.

Many mountains could see 12+ inches (30 cm) of snow from Tuesday night through Thursday night, with the highest odds of a foot or more of snow in the southern San Juan mountains and the west-central mountains west of Aspen and Crested Butte.


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“What was that about children won’t know what snow is….?” asks Josh

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  1. The wrap around effect from these systems once they get going is really something, looks like alot of California is getting snow right now at about dark mon, nov 2. For there being a blob of warm water out in the pacific there sure are a lot of cold fronts coming off it hitting the northwest US and the moisture seems to form over land. Also I notice cold fronts dont have to come down from the north anymore, they seem to come down out of the upper atmosphere at night and once they get half way across the country they often stretch from central Mexico to upper Quebec. Superstorms may already be upon us.

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