Heavy Snow In Central Europe Traps Hundreds

“The left-leaning The Weather Channel has reported on the 7+ FEET (2m+) of snow that has fallen in the Alps of Austria and Germany,” says reader HB. Schmidt.

The snow has trapped hundreds and is responsible for at least three deaths.

“Too Much Snow in Austria and The Alps | 7-FEET in 7-Days Closes Some Resorts”
More pictures and location totals here

Thanks to H.B. Schmidt for these links

“The Hintertux glacier received 3.7 feet of snow,” says H.B. “One wonders how many big storms like this are required to add to the glacier’s ice mass?”

4 thoughts on “Heavy Snow In Central Europe Traps Hundreds”

  1. Snow a thing of the past? I don’t think so!
    But that’s what the Weather Channel wants you to believe.

  2. With a blocking high preventing normal South Westerly warmish winds from reaching European coastal regions and a monster gyrating low pressure system parked over Finland
    The next ten days of North Westerly weather for Europe looks to me to be very stormy, cold, with lots of snow above 300M in coastal regions and snow with strong winds to ground level above.
    This inclement weather will stretch from Norway to the Southern Balkan regions. With little likelihood of this exceptional snow to melt much before the end of March the latter part of the model forecast indicate a series of small lows moving around the main low tracking over Demark, Germany and into Southern Poland and out over central Europe.

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