Heavy snow in Sweden – With video

8 May 2019 – “35 centimeters (more than a foot) of snow here on the mountain” – artisans stuck in snow masses in Sälen

The snow over northern Dalarna posed problems in some places on Tuesday morning.

In Sälenfjällen there were several who did not go to work because of the snow masses.
– I thought it was summer time, says painter Kenny Helje-Haga who had to give up with summer tires on the car.

SMHI warned that the last 24 hours could reach up to 30 centimeters of fresh snow over the valley.

Large amounts of snow

– It is 35 centimeters of snow here on the mountain, says machine operator William Stålknapp who cleared snow on the roads next to Högfjällshotellet in Sälenfjällen.

Several craftsmen could not get to their workplaces this morning through the snow masses on the mountain. Most had problems with often newly fitted tires for another season.

See video:


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4 thoughts on “Heavy snow in Sweden – With video”

  1. my doctor is going to scotland and sweden for a summer holiday he said today…I told him to pack woolen socks and a heavy jumper and he was puzzled;-)
    i told him to go look at this page for what isnt being reported elsewhere

  2. It is interesting that unusual cold and/or snow is being reported at a number of places in the Northern Hemisphere.
    A couple of weeks ago, this site reported that somewhere in Australia had been hit by a very early snowfall.
    Unusual for the Southern Hemisphere.
    Of course, these are weather events.
    Last fall, the DMI reported that the Northern melt season had been cooler than usual with a greater albedo than usual.
    The DMI comment was for both 2018 and 2017.
    This season’s melt season will be interesting.
    Will it extend the trend?

  3. just a note from a swede here sälen is a winter ski resort. whats really weird is that the west coast got snow is may (!). we got snow last week in friday, sunday and this week in tuesday.

    I feel like packing my bags and moving to sahara

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