Heavy snow from Romania to Ukraine

Up to 30 cm (12 inches) of snow

11 Nov 2016 – A potent storm system will track across eastern Europe this weekend unleashing significant snowfall on northern Romania, northern Moldova, eastern Hungary, eastern Slovakia, southeast Poland and much of central and western Ukraine.

Widespread snowfall of 15 cm (6 inches) is expected from the Carpathian Mountains northward to Lviv and Kiev with local amounts up to 30 cm (12 inches).

The heavy, wet snowfall could result in numerous power outages while also causing travel chaos throughout western Ukraine.



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“This news is not brought by the Dutch MSM,” says Argiris.

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  1. Broken snow in West Hungary. 2016.11.12 with video
    Mediterranean cyclones bring snow to Hungary, the West Pannon several mountain peaks higher than four centimeters of snow expected – the Kőszegi Mountains 16 cm snow thickness were measured.
    Mediterranean cyclone reached Magyaroszágot, which is a few centimeters plains, the mountains, however, has a much thicker snow layer covering the western part of Transdanubia. Six centimeters of snow covered snowing Sopron and Keszthely and Papa too. Kőszegi belonging to the foothills of the Alps mountain range 16-centimeter snow cover measured.
    In addition to snow, gale force, 60-70 kilometers per hour winds may be accompanied, first in the West Pannon, and also in the northeast – storm surges Sunday, however, are only expected in the northeast ..

  2. Sunday – 13 / November / 2016 Snow in Yemen: Pictures of snow covered mountains of Sanaa. Has seen a number of provinces north of the country, an unprecedented wave of frost. Snow-covered mountains of the Directorate of Bani Matar west of the capital Sanaa, as a result of the frost, which was at its most intense in the provinces of Dhamar and Sana’a. And record meteorological center on Saturday, a significant reduction in the minimum temperature in a number of provinces, especially the capital Sanaa, where the temperature reached only two degrees, as opposed to 25 ° C for a major.
    And similar recorded temperature in Sanaa this year as recorded in the province of Dhamar, south of the capital, which were often colder because of the altitude, where the minimum temperature on Saturday, two degrees Celsius.

  3. Well this wouldn’t be in the legacy media as it is a forecast not an event. As so often happens here, we get a forecast but no follow up as to whether the forecast was right or not, which is a shame. Forecasts are often wrong either way so it is wise to be patient and just report facts not what amounts to speculation.

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