More heavy snow for the Sierra

Winter – WINTER ! – storm warning. Up to 4 feet (120 cm) of snow.

National Weather Service Reno NV
Apr 6 2017

Greater Lake Tahoe Area-Including South Lake Tahoe, Truckee, Stateline and Incline Village


* Timing: Heavy wet snow will develop Thursday night in the
Sierra. Snow will spread to lake level by Friday night through
Saturday. Snow should taper to showers on Saturday.

* Snow Levels: Snow levels starting 6500-7500 feet Friday, falling
to 4500 feet by Saturday morning. Snow levels may fluctuate
around Lake Tahoe level during the day on Friday.

* Snow Accumulations: 2 to 4 feet of snow above 7500 feet
elevation. 6 to 12 inches around Lake Tahoe level, including
Truckee and South Lake Tahoe with the potential for up to 18
inches if snow levels drop sooner than currently expected.

* Winds: Strong southwest winds areawide, with gusts Thursday
night through Saturday morning ranging from 45-55 mph along I-80
and near Lake Tahoe, and up to 150 mph along the higher
mountain peaks and ridges.

* Impacts: Significant travel disruptions Friday at pass
elevations including Donner, Echo, Spooner, and Mount Rose
summits. Travel disruptions affecting mountain communities
Friday night into Saturday including around Lake Tahoe. Heavy
wet snow and strong winds could lead to downed trees and power

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Three more feet of ‘perpetual drought’ (h/t Gov. Moonbeam) to hit California’s Sierra Mountains this weekend:
Interestingly enough, NWS Sacramento also has a tweet showing what the DRIEST water years on record have been:

Thanks to H.B. Schmidt for these links

“Apparently, the years of 1924, 1931, and 1939 (all of which are well below the Mauna Loa annual CO2 average of 315 ppm first recorded in 1959) are being ignored by the MSM because it doesn’t fit with the climate change ruse they’re complicit in promoting,” says H.B..” Will NWS and other organizations eventually point out the historical norm of boom-or-bust for California’s annual total precipitation? One can only hope.”

5 thoughts on “More heavy snow for the Sierra”

  1. Looks like kids will still know what snow is 75 years from now during the month of July in Lake Tahoe – even if their moms continue to drive their SUV’s to the post office LOL.

  2. I remember in the late 50’s going over Donner Summit the middle of June seeing Donner Lake still frozen over and snow along side the road. That was about 60 years ago when those in the know were warning of a Little Ice Age. 60 years, 2 30 year cycles later and history repeating its’ self?

    • PS: At least 1 good snow storm left. 95% chance of snow over the Sierras around the 22nd of April.

  3. In Mammoth Lakes for us locals…it’s been the winter from hell. Water Eq. has been well over 200% of normal. Berms in the residential areas 20 feet high were common just a few weeks ago. Over 30 collapsed roofs. Snow related property damage in the millions… In shoveling my roof in early March, I had to shovel “up” instead of down. In snowshoeing behind my house, I could reach up and touch the telephone lines on the poles.

    • Roger that Howard. I thought last winter was perfect here in Mammoth. A little above average snowfall so the skiing was good and the shoveling was reasonable.

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