Heavy snow for South Africa

Possible snowfall in the Berg expected to be high:
Giant’s Castle 120cm (4 feet)
Cathedral Peak 75cm (30 inches)
Champagne Castle 120cm (4 feet)
Mafadi 150cm (5 feet)

23 July 2016 Van Reenen snow could pose danger.

With the entire KZN Midlands expected to be covered in light snowfall this weekend, all eyes will be on Van Reenen. (KZN means KwaZulu Natal, AD)

Ladysmith/Van Reenen JOC (Joint Operation Centre), headed by RTI’s David Steele, is preparing for the worst.

“(We expect) heavy snowfall on Sunday evening, lasting through to Monday morning,” explained Steele.

There is a strong possibility that Van Reenen’s Pass will be closed to traffic by about 12pm on Sunday, should snow fall as predicted.
Long-distance truck drivers and motorists are warned to choose routes in low-lying areas and to avoid Van Reenen should current weather predictions remain the same.

In 2011 and 2012, heavy snowfall completely trapped hundreds of trucks and cars on the pass for several days. N3TC and RTI do not want a repeat of this scenario, hence the early warning of complete road closure.


Snow forecast not fun and games, AA warns

Cape Town – The forecast of snow in parts of KwaZulu-Natal and the Free State has led to a warning from the Automobile Association (AA) for motorists to steer clear of the affected roads.


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