Heavy Snow Strands 300 Vehicles on Road in Xinjiang – Video

A few road sections on the No. 314 national road in Aktao County were covered by 50-cm-thick snow. (Almost 2 feet.)

Heavy snow covered northwest China’s Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region from Saturday to Sunday, leaving over 300 vehicles stranded on the roads.

Meanwhile, a strong hailstorm hit Yuqing County of southwest China’s Guizhou Province on Saturday evening, lasting for around one hour and causing great damage. It was the worst hailstorm since 1959 in the region.


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  1. Weatheraction.wordpress.com has this news item:
    Huge Hailstones Damage 1,000 Houses In Northern Vietnam.
    Around 1,000 houses and 100 hectares of vegetables fields were damaged in Tuyen Quang Sunday in the province’s worst hailstorm in 30 years. Hailstones as large as 10 centimeters across fell for eight minutes from 6:40 a.m. Sunday, leaving holes in many roofs and injuring several farmers on their way to work.
    Fortunately, no one was killed. Several solar panels and outdoor steel water tanks were also damaged. Dinh Thi Nghia, 50, a local, said it was the biggest hailstorm she had ever experienced. “Luckily it happened on a day kids don’t go to school.” A meteorologist said the hail was the biggest recorded in the province in 30 years.

  2. Spain,2016.04.14: in Burgos a wall of snow more than six meters. (with video)
    Unequal weather in the Peninsula: sun in the east and tornadoes and snow in the north.
    We are in April contrasts, tornadoes in Galicia and crowded beaches in the Mediterranean. Wednesday there were wind gusts of almost 140 kilometers per hour on the Galician coast. blown glass, fallen trees and even raised ceilings. Meanwhile, 25 degrees and sun on the Mediterranean coast. In the north, still struggling through the snow.
    Although temperatures rise, it is impossible to open to traffic the mountain pass of Lunada in Burgos with a wall of snow more than six meters. Next week will try again.
    In A Coruna, assess significant damage by marine languages ​​as one of Dumbría and strong wind.
    In Finisterre gusts reached 137 kilometers per hour and in Carnota, a temporary burst glass, tiles and dragged containers up to the sea. An image that contrasts with the Mediterranean coast, is like being in another place like the Caribbean.
    Estampa also summer in Valencia with people sunbathing on the beaches and 25 degrees that go to more, as the state of the beaches, gradually, more and more crowded.

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